Famous temple Tirupati

venkateswara temple is a hindu temple situated in the hill town of thirumala at tirupati in chittoor district of andhra pradesh, India.


the temple is constructed in tamil architecture. The 1st temple at thirumala tirupati was built by tamil king thondaiman, tamil ruler of the ancient thondaimandalam.

the first recorded endowment was made by pallava queen samavai in the year 966CE.she donate many jewelry and two parcels of land and ordered to use the revenues generated from that land to be used for the celebration of major festival in the temple

the pallava dynasty (9th century), the chola dynasty (20th century), vijayangara pradhans(14th century) &15th century) were committed devotees of venkateswara.

he is said to have built the original gopuram and the prakhara in the 8th century.

it is the richest temple in the world in terms of donation received and wealth.

thirupathi hills history”:

  1. temple is dedicated to venkateswara, a firm of vishnu,who is beloved to have appeared here to save mankind from trails and troubles of kali yuga.
  2. Thirumala hills are part of the seshachalam hills range.
  3. The hills are 853mrts above sea level.
  4. The hills compromise seven peaks, representing the 7heads of adisesha.
This rock structure is a natural formation of Lord venkateswara swamy shape.

5.venkateswara Swamy face on thirumala hills, from distant far from tirupati, one can view venkateswara swamy face on thirumala hills.

popular food in tirupati “

Some of example: 1.pulihora

2. Pongal

3. Murrukku


5. Bisibelebath


7. Andhra thali.

the tirupati balaji temple is righly caleed the bhuloka vaikuntam-the above of vishnu on earth.

its of belived that Lord vishnu has manifest himself in this temple during this kali age to guide and direct his devotees towards salvation.

the temple is run by the body thirumala tirupati devasthanams which is under direct control of the Andhra pradesh government.