Signs You’re Overthinking

Overthinking is thinking about something continuously until you get a proper reason. A person ponders over a particular event wishing that he/she had acted differently until they find a solution and at times they may even think about it after solving it.

You can’t stop worrying.

Worry is a very normal emotion bet it is not too normal when a person exhibits it on a very frequent basis. You may find your self continuously being worried about trivial things one after the other. This is a very basic sign that you are overthinking about an issue.

You constantly think about your mistakes.

Constantly thinking about the mistakes you have committed in the near of far past is another sign. You may tend to keep on thinking about the mistake and wish that you could correct it.

On recalling conversation, you wish that you shouldn’t have said somethings.

A very common thing we all do is regret a few words or conversations we had. Well, that’s quite normal but when you regret something you said which isn’t really a sensitive topic or if you feel bad for a small joke, they you are overthinking.

You dwell on the way someone spoke or acted.

Not all people can act and speak according to our perceptions and likings and thus, these are things to either confront in a polite manner or just ignore. Without doing either of them, if you keep on thinking about what happened and feeling that the person dislikes you, then you have spotted an over thinker.

You face difficulty in falling asleep.

Your mind may be rethinking over actions or encounters you had on the day and it may give you confused or conflicted feelings making you ponder on them. Your brain becomes active and prevents you from being relaxed.

You think about hidden meanings behind people’s actions and words.

Spending your free time thinking about the assumed hidden meanings behind the way a person acted towards you or rather the words a person spoke to you is definitely a sign that you are an over thinker.

You feel worried about your future.

Being constantly sorrowful or fearful about something you cannot control is another sign.

You feel trapped in problems.

You are constantly moving from one issue to another. You continuously keep on tackling issues and once an issue is solved, you seem to find another issue lined up for you to tackle again.

You dread a vague or one word reply.

You may write in a big essay about something and get a ‘kay’, ‘k’ or ‘okay’ as reply, this would make your head go in turns and find theories after theories figuring out a possibly non existent issue.

You are too self conscious.

You are always conscious about what you speak, the way you act, the replies you give etc. You feel that everyone would judge you for what you say and making a mistake probably isn’t even in your dictionary.

You expect the worst out of situations.

You overthink about situations and feel that the possible outcome of it will be against you. You get filled up with negative emotions like fear and anxiety.

You love to ask ‘why’.

Your favorite question is often ‘why’ because you tend to keep on thinking about reasons for certain actions or situations. You feel much more relaxed and calm once you know the reason.