Honey bees


The eastern honey bee, referred to scientifically as apis mellifera, plays a small but sweet role in the vast, global tapestry of been species. There are over 20,000 known types of bee, spanning every continent have existed for over 80million yrs.


  1. Apis, honey:

The genus- into which all honey bees call is beautiful diverse bee species, with at least 44known sub varieties.

2. The Western honey bees:

Apis mellifera-literally meaning honey-baring best is the most widely distributed and domesticated bee species in the world.

3. Apis mellifera mellifera:

The dark or German honey bee species. The name isa bit of a mouthful, so let’s call them apis.

4. Apis mellifera liguistica :

Apis mellifera liguistica us the most common sure variety of apis mellifera, making it buy and the most popular variety of domesticated bee in the world.

5. Apis mellifera carnica:

The carneolan or grey honey bees species. Apis mellifera carnica originated in eastern Europe, between Australia, hungry, Bulgaria and bosnia and Serbia.

6. Apis mellifera Caucasica:

Native to the caucasus region, whose mountain range divides south eastern Europe from Asia, the honey bee is a large variety.

7. Apis mellifera lberiensis:

This is probably the most unusual variety of Western honey bees and my personal favorite.