How to prepare short notes for GATE Exam

Preparing notes is one of the important aspects of any students way of preparing for the GATE exam. It is very crucial to make notes so that you can revise the subjects in the last days of revision in the most efficient way. The notes must be precise and should be written in such a way so that you can revise the GATE Syllabus as soon as possible so that anything is not missed. Well, there is no method to make notes that one should follow, everyone has their own way to make notes but it is important so that it is helpful for you to understand at the time of revision and cover the full syllabus of GATE as much as it can. So if you are preparing for the exam then it’s very important to know how to prepare notes for GATE as the questions mostly rely on important concepts and formulae from the syllabus. So please go through this article to know how short notes as per the GATE exam pattern can help in your preparation.

How to make Notes for GATE:

A. Read the subject thoroughly:

  • Always read the subject fully so that you can understand what to know if you start to prepare notes before reading the subject then for the first few chapters you will make more notes than the other important chapters in the end.
  • The notes should always be precise hence to make precise study the subject and get the concepts.

B. Do, not Copy from textbooks:

  • Sometimes when students start making notes they generally copy the material from the textbook or article online. This must be avoided, because when we start making notes like that then when the notes are completed they become very bulky and not revisable in the end. Always prepare short notes and the material must be precise.

C. Use Highlights:

  • Always use some highlighting or coloured pens to make your notes helps you in revising quickly. Divide your concepts into the defined colours and use them to highlight your notes so you exactly know what you are revising.

D. If Possible make Digital notes:

  • Now-a-days people are preferring notes on an online/digital form like on Notes or google docs. This allows revising your notes anywhere and anytime on your phone, tablet or laptops.
  • Since the exam is going to be in an online form for GATE so it also prepares to concentrate on a screen for long as some students feel a little difficult to do so.

E. Be Disciplined:

  • Only notes preparation is not effective until we revise them. Hence it is very important to know that you need to revise the notes with a lot of discipline and also prepare them with discipline.

F. Don’t copy Be Original:

  • Make your notes by yourself. Sometimes we are influenced by others and in copying them we lose our originality. Make your notes yourself so that it is original in itself. The strategy should be made by yourself only.


There are still other innovative methods used by students to make short notes. Few students even jot down the points on the books itself in the margin area. Some students go to an extent of taking screenshots of the concepts and underlying the important lines in the screenshot itself. Hence, making good notes is vital for your preparation.