No Girl – No Mother – No Life.

by Yogiraj Sadaphal

In India, Gender Discrimination has existed for a long time. Even now, there are some sections of Indian Society who regard the girl child as a burden. Girls are generally constrained to the boundaries of the house and given very few or no opportunities to study and grow in life, whereas boys are given a number of advantages. Cases of Female Infanticide continue to be documented, which is a great shame. According to the 2011 census, India has just 918 females for every 1000 boys.

Only Equality helps Nation to Grow.

It is impossible to overlook the fact that the progress of our country is intimately connected to the advancement of women. This is why, in order to improve women’s lives, crime against women should be eliminated and stricter laws enacted. The government should create a strong framework to prevent members of all socioeconomic classes from degrading women in any way. Only better legislation can aid in the advancement of women’s rights in our country. It is important to remember that the future of our country depends on educating and protecting the girl child.

What Girls Can Do?

Despite the fact that girls outshine boys in many fields, parents still prefer a boy child. Girls have proven to be superior to boys in every field. They have also been to space as a result of their hard work and dedication. They are more capable, obedient, hardworking, and accountable for their families and lives. Girls, on the other hand, are more devoted and loving toward their parents. Above all, they put up their best effort in all of their projects.

Here are some of India’s finest achievements by women.

• Pratibha Patil – First Women President

• Kiran Bedi – First women IPS officer of India.

• Kalpana Chawla – First women of India to reach space.

• Anna Chandy – First female judge.

• Fatima Beevi – First female judge of Supreme Court.

• Gita Gopinath – First Indian women appointed as Chief Economist at IMF.

• Avani Chaturvedi – First Indian women fighter pilot to fly solo.

• Mithali Raj – First women to score double 100 in test cricket.

• Arunima Sinha – First Indian female amputee to climb Mountains Everest.

As you can see from the examples above, today’s girls are surpassing their male colleagues in every subject, including science, technology, games, astronautics, adventure, and politics. In our society, daughters hold the same value as sons. They should not be deprived of their freedom and liberties.

The Indian Government has taken the following steps to protect Girl child.

The government has made numerous efforts and launched numerous campaigns to rescue girl child. Save the girl child (Beti Bachao, Beti Padhao) is the government’s most current program to aggressively encourage people to save the girl child. Aside from that, a variety of NGOs, enterprises, corporate groupings, and human rights commissions organize campaigns to save girl children.

Crime against women is a major hindrance to the country’s development and growth. The government, on the other hand, takes this issue seriously and has banned sex determination ultrasound, amniocentesis, and scan testing in hospitals and labs in order to prevent female feticide.

It is necessary to change the patriarchal Indian society’s traditional mindset, which regards girls as liabilities. It must be shown that girls are not inferior to boys in any way. They have the potential to excel in several areas of life if given the proper opportunities to develop their talent and skills.