Bamboo trees


of all grasses, bamboo is the largest and the only one that can diversify into forest. Although bamboo is a grass, many of the larger woody bamboo species are very true like in appearance and are often called “bamboo trees”.

bamboo lacks a vascular cambium lauer and meristem cells at the top of the culm.

how to take:

To da this you need to dig up bamboo shoots, which are buried around bamboo, take theses bamboo shoots back to your island and, just like you would with a fruit tree, plant’s them in the same conditions as trees.

Types of bamboo trees:

* clumper bamboo : under that

  1. Fargesia
  2. Bamboo
  3. Guadua
  4. Giant bamboo
  5. Chilea.

*Runner bamboo: under that

  1. Arrow bamboo
  2. Dwarf green
  3. Bamboo
  4. River cane
  5. Black bamboo
  6. Stripe bamboo.

Bamboo trees for sale:

. Fast growing trees:

  1. Multiple bamboo-starting at $99.95
  2. Rufa bamboo planet starting at $109.95
  3. Black bamboo-starting at $119.95

. Brighter blooms:

  1. Bamboo hedge multiplex- starting at $99.99
  2. Golden bamboo plant – starting at $99.9
  3. Black bamboo planet starting at $ 119.9

How to plant bamboo:

  1. plant your bamboo where it will get full to partial sun, in good soil that slightly acidic ans not overly damp.
  2. Bamboo is a grass and should grow well anywhere that grass can grow.
  3. Space your plants anywhere from two to eight feet aparts, depending on the variety you’re growing.
  4. Dog a hole twice as wide as the root ball of your clump and just as deep.
  5. Tease out any of the bamboo’ s roots that are encircling the root ball, as these can girdle the plant and eventually kill it.
  6. Place the bamboo in the hole so the top of the root ball as just under the ground.