Pokemon unite


Steps to play a game:

step 1. Don’t skip the tutorials.

Resist the urge to drive into pokemon unite right away. Both seasoned MOBA players and beginners should take the time to check out the game’s six tutorials. The game let’s you enter live matches after completing the first few but it’s worth going through all of the lesson first.

The tutorials go through very basic and advanced mechanic that you would know about if you didn’t go through these short training exercise.

The first three tutorials teach you how to attack and score. But it’s the latter three that are the most interesting. The trip of tutorials teaches that attacking different wild pokemon can change the dynamic of a match.

step 2. Don’t skip the setting menu either:

The setting menu isn’t the most exciting place to visit in a game. But considering the fast paced nature of pokemon unite there are some option there worth exploring.

one of the first setting to look at is attack control. Switching to advanced control allows you to press two different button to attack different opposing. Turning on this setting is important because the game defaults to an automatic basic attack mode. There will be time when you accidentally target a wild pokemon when you are trying to hit an enemy player or vice versa. Switching to advanced control helps you stay in control of where your basic attacks go.

Lock-on-icon: Is another setting you may want to turn on. Enabling this setting allows you to prioritize specific pokemon to attack.

step 3. Which pokemon should you unlock first?

After you play through the opening tutorials, you’ll receive a unite license which let’s you unlock a pokemon.

  1. Eldegoss is a support pokemon:they use long ranged attacks to hit enemies and their main foscus is to hit enemies and their teammates.
  2. Snorlax is a defender pokemon: they are powerful melee fighters.
  3. Pikachu is a ranged attacker:They use long -range attack to overpower enemies and defeat them from a distance.
  4. Charizard is an all-round:their skills allows them to be a threat at both close and long range.
  5. Talon flame is a speedster: their fast speed allows them to move all over the battle arena giving them to ability to a be a threat anywhere on the map.

step. 4 . How to make different builds:

as you levels up through out the match, your gain the ability to learn new attack. Over time yor learn new that over write the two starting skills you begin the match with.

At level 5&6 7, your pokemon can learn news, skill. You will always have to two different choice to make at these points. Each characters has different moves that support new way to play.

Step 5. Learn your lane:

each pokemon excels at different areas of the map. When you are preparing for battle, the game will let you know which lane is recommend for each pokemon.

when you are in the lobby selecting your pokemon, enter the battle prep screen to learn which map path you should take. When you press the exit button, you will be shown which lane is best for the top lat. Speedster should around two centre and all are rounder are great for the bottom.