Understand the term Feminism and Pseudo Feminism.

Women having equal rights and opportunities as a man have,this is called feminism.

But in today’s world, there are lots of misconceptions about Feminism. people get triggered by the name of feminism.

Let’s learn the basic difference between the two terms-


  • Women and men are equal and should give equal opportunities.
  • Men and women are not a competition of each other but they are a complement to each other,
  • Men also deserve to be respected.

Pseudo Feminism.

  • Women are superior.
  • Women can do whatever they want in the name of rights and equality.
  • Women can disrespect men, but they can’t answer back.

Women misuse their rights, many women file false cases of dowry and domestic violence. They put wrong allegations of rape on men just to take revenge.

Many so-called social media influencers portray the wrong image of Strong and Independent women. They take Feminism to another level, where you cannot utter a word against women, even if she is doing something wrong.

Society support women who are assaulted are good, but they have also support men who have been harassed. If women slap a man for touching her without her consent is Equality, then if men slap a woman for cheating on him is also called Equality. Standing in the queue and waiting for your turn is called Equality.

Let’s make the world a better place to live not just for women but for men also. Grow together support each other in every phase of life. Don’t be competition to each other.