Q-1 Trace the crucial stages in biocultural evolution of humankind.


According to Darwin’s theory species have evolved due to minor variation in the individual members of species, which ways they are inherited by the offspring’s and so the variation end up on the emergence of a new specie. amongst the species that are extant, apes and monkeys are the closest resemblance to human beings.1. PRIMATES-Monkeys, humans and apes belong to primates group. They have features which allow them to climb on trees with ease and use their forelimbs extensively. They are prehensile. Because of evolution they have got stereoscopic vision because of which they get a three dimensional picture of the surroundings.Classifications of primatesa. Prosimii – They are more primitive. They include lemurs, lorises and tarsiers.Some zoologist also classify tree-shrews with prosimians. They are small squirrel like creatures who might represent transformation from insectivores to early primates. They are small in size but possess large eyes. Their eyes are located in ring like structure.b. Anthropoidea – More advanced primates like money, apes and humans. They differ from the prosimii in the structure of bones in which their eyes are places. Their eyes are bowl like in shape, which allows them greater freedom of vision to see in various angles.