Social media

social media is a computer based technology that facilities the sharing of idea’s thought, and information through the building of virtual network and Communities.


There are currently 3.78billion social media users worldwide. Among UD adult,

84percent of those aged 18_19

81 percent of those aged 30_49

73 percent of those aged 60_64

45 percent of those aged 65 and above are active social media users.

#Advantages of social media:

. Brand awareness

.Brand reputation

.Cost effective

.Website traffic


.Customer interaction

.Targets audience

.Brand loyalty

#Disadvantage of social media:


.Ineffective use


Types of social media:

social media media may take the form of a variety of tech- enabled activities. These activities include photo sharing, blogging, social gaming, social network, video,sharing, business network, virtual world, review, and much more.

even government and politicians utilizes social media to engage with constituents and voters.

Example of social media:

while social media has its positive side, many point to the platform and call out negative featured, likening it’s overuse to an addiction.

some contest it contribute to inattentiveness, stress and jealousy.

1.Facebook ( 2.74billions users)

2. youtube (2.29billions users)

3. sino weibo (511million users)

4. Qq(617millions users)

5. Tiktok (689billions users)

6. What’s app(1.21billion users)

7. Instagram (1.22billions usres)