What is literature??

-Aastha Joshi

When a superior written material gets published into printed forms and is recognized by the people and artist it is called as literature. It gives people wider platform to showcase their thought and ideas which then people take into consideration. The person engaging into writing have so much power that in a few words they can express a whole lot of emotions and can even make a person immortal forever in their works. Literature even gives an opportunity to the writer to portray their subconscious of wild thoughts, fantasies or real life instances to entertain people, while the audience or the reader take them into consideration. It is a skill that takes a person into trans state where personal relives the literature relating himself/herself with the protagonist, and for some it’s a relief as its an escape for the harsh realities of life and give them a wider space of imagination and pleasure. It can consist of wide ranging material to read like prose,fiction, drama, poetry etc. while it can be both fiction and non fiction and have several genres according to the interest of the reader. If we talk about the history of literaturethe ancient Egyptian literature along with Sumerian literature is considered as the earliest form of literature. In the ancient Egypt the literature was used in from of didactive texts which tells us about the societal norms, rules and social orders of that time, hymns which were usually sung by the people in praise of their worship deities, popular folks and stories which were prevalent during those times were also noted into text for example Panchatantra. In the medieval period the manuscript literature was considered as an art of great precision and utmost importance. Hence literature is of a great importance in our lives as it not only enhances our spectrum of knowledge and imagination but also give us an opportunity to know the history and legendary people by giving us a glimpse of their lives, which inturn give us a new vision to view the world and get motivated by certain incidents keeping in mind the mistakes that me must not repeat that were already done in past.