Amazon’s top man – Jeff Bezos


Jeff Bezos is one of the most successful technology tycoons in the world currently. He’s the founder and CEO of, which is the largest retailer on the World Wide Web. The company has become a role model to every online retailer in the world. Standing on the fifth spot on the Fobers list of billionaires of the world Jeff Bezos is simply unstoppable.


Bezos was born on 12th January 1964 in New Mexico. His father and mother got separated after his birth and her mother married to another man. He adopted Bezos as his legal son.


Bezos did his graduation from Princeton University in computer science and electrical engineering in 1986. He had an early love of computers and he was eager to know how these things work.

Success Story today has a market capital of over 295 billion dollars. It was started out of Jeff’s garage 30 years ago. The year was 1994 and Jeff was working diligently on wall street.


At 30 year old he began to see the Internet revolution take place and made the decision to quit his job and start an internet company. A wake up call found these startling statistics, that web usage in the spring 1994 was growing 2300 percent a year. After making a list of top 20 products that he could potentially sell on the internet.


He put more concentration on books, because of low cost and universal demand. It provided him a huge success in his initial stage of his start-up. It turns out it was just the beginning of a bright and an everlasting future.The initial start-up capital came from his parent’s personal savings. They invested a large fraction of their life savings and became after getting an immense amount of transactions from the customer’s. Amazon raised a series of funding of eight million dollars in 1995. In 1997 Amazon went public to raise additional capital, within two months after the funding Amazon fields were out to $20,000 a week. However the company has continued to plough the revenue back into the ground but profit remaining nearly zero dollar’s or below and revenue just kept rising.

Further expansion

Post the success of Jeff Bezos expanded his business to several other verticals and many other products were added to through retail joint ventures. Growing from strength to strength launched Kenya which is a digital book with multiple features. Later he launched the Amazon web series, which is not the envy of all tech giant companies. Jeff’s visionary abilities to make correct decisions made him this position today. Amazon web services will remain unchallenged in the near future.

Present Day

Now what started as a small venture and Jeff Bezos is now a symbol of Internet’s sake, he will rightly be called a pioneer in econ at which derives its name from south American river Amazon completely justifies the stator of the company. Jeff Bezos is not a businessman but he’s a true leader and an inspiration for many young entrepreneurs across the world.