PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT: A journey to discover yourself!

As the word says- Personal Development undoubtedly arises a way of improving yourself to achieve your desired goal in life. It’s a way of recognizing your strengths and how to work better on them. It not only allows you to achieve your goals but also encourages you to carefully search for many of your skills and interests to make yourself better. Of course, it’s not a short process. Improving yourself and rising to greater heights isn’t a cup of tea. As learning has no end, developing yourself too doesn’t have.


Personal growth is a way of informing that Yes! You are upgrading yourself day by day. Even if they continue to be small steps, that doesn’t matter. You are at a satisfaction that you have started achieving your key objective. Let’s take an example to see how you tend to find new skills and interests in you. Imagine you are visiting the place, say Delhi. After exploring every place, you feel to go to Agra to witness one of the Seven Wonders of the World-TAJ MAHAL. Therefore, isn’t there an interest coming within you to visit many in and around places to gain certain experiences that probably you may not get? Clearly, you won’t allow it to go. You take advantage of the decision and the rare opportunity you have. Similarly, you are on a journey to discover your skills and how to mold them well. At this point, you might find something very different and engrossing and you end up willing to attempt it. It’s basically to make you understand that you have so much to learn in your life. You have to take an advantage of it and use the chance to your fullest.



  • Calmly sit down and find out what are your strengths, weaknesses.
  • Don’t ever forget to remember your success and failure because these two can totally change the whole dynamics of development.
  • Success makes you realize you are learning different qualities and actions. It inspires you to learn more and strive for bigger success.
  • Once a failure doesn’t always indicate a failure. You learn from your mistakes and warn your inner self to not repeat them.
  • Certain minor changes encourage you to shape your personal growth better day by day.
  • There is no person in this world who hasn’t faced a failure. It is evident that when you are on a tour of accomplishing something extremely big, you fall. But at the same time, you should rise like the sun.


  • It’s very essential to note no one knows you better than you. Think what makes you, YOU.
  • Identity is all about questioning you on what you are.
  • Your identity shouldn’t be defined by others, because you live for yourself.
  • It is also important you don’t go and ask others to tell you how you are. You will undoubtedly be lost in a place where maybe it’s difficult to come back. You are transforming yourself for your good.
  • In the same time, when you are socializing with people, you find certain qualities interesting, you should give a try to inculcate them.
  • Construct your own identity. Let people know you are unique.


  • Each person is god-gifted with a bunch of talents.
  • Try to improve on those rather than jumping directly into discovering others.
  • Just because you like other’s talent doesn’t mean you forget yours and put a lot of time into it.
  • When you find others talent very eye-catching, include that in your personal growth.


  1. COMMUNICATION: This helps you pour out the feelings in you and helps you share your thoughts. This in return builds confidence in you.
  2. SOCIALIZING WITH PEOPLE: Build connections with people, try to understand how they are. Find out what skills and qualities you can acquire.
  3. PROBLEM SOLVING: Help people with their issues by providing solutions to them. This encourages you to indulge yourself more in it and causes you to realize what you are good at.
  4. ADAPTING: Wherever you go you should be in a stage of adjusting yourself there. It’s not you stay in the same place surrounded by the same people.


  1. SELF- MOTIVATION: Motivate yourself to strive hard to achieve your goal.
  2. BIGGER ACHIEVEMENTS: Success and failures teach you and show your capabilities on how potential you are to achieve something bigger.

Never stop yourself from accomplishing something you desire for just because others don’t like it. Remember, it’s personal development. You are living and improving for yourself. Many people come your way to either stop you or push you forward. Take it positively and step forward.