Interesting facts about colour

  1. Yellow and red together make you hungry:

Fast food chain figured this out year ago and use this color combination over and combination over and over in branding, advertising and restaurant decor.

2. World blue is the most common favorite color:

studies conducted by various global marketing firms show that blue is the most common favorite color world wide followed.

3. Pink soothes the nervous and is often used for anger management:

pink has been known to suppress anger and anxiety and have an overall calming effect.

It is often used in mental health care institutions and even prison to help create a sense of calm.

4. The color wheel was invented by Isaac Newton:

Around 16655 issac newton used a prism to turn white light into a rainbow and identified seven colors.

He felt the last color, indigo, was a recurrence of the first color, red and decided to arrange the color in a circle

5. Red is the first color a baby sees.

Red has the longest wavelength of the color and scientists speculate this makes it easier to process in developing receptors and nerves in a baby’s eye

6. Color has a big impact on a first impression:

62-90% if a first impression is based on how someone is Recognizing color in the situation.

For those who want to make a strong first impression avoid neutral heading out on a first date? Add a pop of bring color to be more memorable.

7. People are more likely to forget something when it’s in black and white:

A black and white movie, or photographs is often not as easy to recall as a color image scientists believe this may be because color has a stronger appeal to the sense and as a result makes a more lasting impression on the memory.