Easy start-up(ice cream parlor)

Is rolled ice cream a good business?

Wherever you are in the world, ice cream rolls with ice cream pro are a fantastic and fun business opportunity. With small investment to start your business, you can make a profit in just a few weeks.

How much do ice cream shop owner make a year?

management salaries run between 25000to 38000 a year. These are costs you will have to factor earning potential.

(*)How to start up an ice cream parlor in India:

INDIA is a land of tropical weather, with summer being the longest weather in the country. Thus, in niche food businesses in the cream business seems to be the most lucrative.

  1. Deciding The format:

In the present time there are a lot of ice cream parlor formats from cold stone, ice cream rolls, ice cream cake, nitrogen ice cream, live ice cream counters, and pre- packed ice cream counters there are endless.

so, the first step is choosing in starting with your ice cream business plan is to decide which type of ice cream parlor you want to open.

2. Investment & area required to open an ice cream parlor:

Pn average an ice cream business requires a 400-500spt carpet area shop or a small food truck which has the necessary arrangements for refrigerator.

3. Deciding the location of the ice cream parlor:

Eating ice cream is not necessity unlike another form of food but it is more fun and fashion in the crowd.

So, proper market research should be done before choosing the location.

4. Procurement of store type of equipment for the menu:

Once the format and location are Finalized, list down the number of items you want to sell at your store.

Then compare it with competition around and keep the pricing the low initially to penetrate the market and distribute free sample.

5. List of equipment required to open an ice cream parlor:

For a cold stone ice cream parlor, the list of equipment

  1. Cold stone refrigerator (2-2.5laks)
  2. Chest refrigerator with a capacity of 500L (40, 000rs)
  3. Storage cupboard and utensils (30000rs)
  4. Raw materials including packaging (rs. 1-1.5L)
  5. Miscellaneous (rs 50000)

6. staff required for an ice cream business in India:

In particular format the number of employees required us very less as you need three people including cashier to serve or to make specific flavor of the ice cream.

7. Maintaining consistency in ice cream parlor business

one thing you must ensure when you open an ice cream business is maintaining consistency in taste.

Standardization of recipe is a must in ice cream parlor.

8. Licensing & paperwork needed to open an ice cream parlor:

Since ice cream comes under the food category, so all licenses required are quite similar to that of a QSR- shop establishment license, FSSAI license, local municipal authority license and fire license.