Scheduling priorities in life is a significant task to undertake. Setting priorities helps you to reserve time, carry out logical decisions, and improvise your way of living. 

It takes time for you to decide your priorities because it is a decision that is going to be continued for a span of time. Therefore, it is substantial to make an apt choice. You discover many of your interests that you might have left behind someday. It motivates you to have a clear picture of what you are supposed to do.

Way to set priorities in life :

  • Make a note of your top interests.
  • Decide on what is important to you.
  • Think whether the task you are undertaking is indeed worthy to do so. If not, then prioritize accordingly.
  • After doing so, decide how to approach and complete them.
  • Do have the ability to compromise. You evidently can’t handle all tasks you decide.
  • Set proper time and date so that the tasks you do are completed on time.
  • The most crucial point is to not distract yourself.

The 3’S- Sacrifice, Struggle, and Success make it our way while planning, performing, and achieving them. Let’s have a look at them.

  • Sacrificing our decision, or plans for something good isn’t bad at all.
  • If you do it with all love, you will surely be unhurt. Sacrificing for someone shows your love for them.
  • Sacrificing for one’s happiness shows your true personality. This can change one’s life, may it be a small sacrifice too.

Where are sacrifices done?

  • Family: Parents sacrifice their comfort, sleep so that their children can leave happily in the future without any problems.
  • Sleep: You let go of sleep when you have many works to do. If the work you are doing is going to yield you thumbs up and that really costs you your sleep, never step back.

Sacrifices are immeasurable. If your sacrifice is benefitting someone, support them by doing so.


  • Life doesn’t always fall in the way you seek. There are frequent ups and down on your way to reaching your goal.
  • You work hard to achieve success. Sometimes you achieve and sometimes you don’t. That doesn’t mean you lose hope.
  • We encounter a lot of barriers that prevent us, distract us and examine our abilities.
  • Each person’s struggle is clearly different from others. Some of the struggles maybe- Career pressure, Financial crisis, Failure, Arguments.

How to overcome struggle?

  • Explore the world. Relax your mind and soul.
  • Don’t hide your difficulties. Share it with your peers so that you feel light.
  • Stop comparing yourself with others. Comparison lowers one’s self-confidence. You have your identity.
  • Stay focused on the work you are performing.
  •  Never force yourself to finish the work you aren’t able to. It will absolutely let you down if you can’t accomplish it.
  • Try being positive even at the worst time so that you’ll at least have a ray of hope in one corner.


The result of your actions that brings happiness to your face is SUCCESS. Gaining success isn’t that easy. You have to be extremely dedicated, punctual, and determined. When you build interest in the work you do, success is automatically activated to reach your goal.

How to achieve success?

  • Work hard: Achieving success isn’t easy always. You might feel you are having many works to do, but a dedicated person never thinks about it. So rather than investing time in thinking negatively, work hard.
  • Push your limits: Always try upgrading your interests. Don’t revolve around the same topics. Go out of your comfort zone and try new things.
  • Develop ideas: Invest your timing in bringing out the best ideas to implement in your work.
  • Save time: Don’t waste your time unnecessarily on silly things. Don’t dig up deep into the answers you don’t receive. Relax your mind, understand the topic clearly and then move forward.

Never try getting down your self-esteem. Try hard to achieve your goals. Prioritize your options and work accordingly. Success is always there in everyone. You achieve it when you make a way for it through your actions.