Social Media

The term Social Media refers to computer and mobile mediated technologies that are designed and developed to help people socialise and connect with one another. It is a platform which is used to share ideas, communicate about daily life, discuss work related topics and so on. Originally the term social media was coined to refer to a person getting socialised with his/her friends and relatives. However, seeing the vast popularity and effectiveness, it was incorporated by the business houses to create mass awareness about their company and products. 

Types of Social Media

The term social media is very huge. It can vary between two school friends to large broadcasting houses using to communicate with large public in general. So, I have tried to list down the basic types of social media generally seen – – –

  1. Social networks: this is the most widely used form of social media. The most commonly used platforms are Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp etc. these were used to send messages and upload pictures and videos. But in recent times, these sites are being used to actively promote businesses and din digital marketing.
  2. Blogs: these are articles and posts that cater to a particular idea/topic. Blogs can be in written form which describes about any topic or it may be in video form which tells us about any topic through the means of videos. Video blogs are called as vlogs.
  3. Forums: these are platforms where people come and brainstorm regarding any issue or trends. These forums are the active sites of social media which remains busy whenever there is any development regarding the socio-economic scenario of a country, or at times when people feel the need to discuss about a law passed.
  4. Enterprise social network: these are the platforms that cater to the image of a company in front of the public. This type of network is developed so that a customer may connect with the company and its products via internet. This type of network handles customer queries, pricing of items, any feedbacks and service complaints. 

Importance of Social Media

Social media plays a very vital role in the lives of current generation of people. Everyone from the old to the young can relate to this term. Let’s see how important it is – – –

  1. It serves as a source of great number of information and news. Its now possible to know about even the smallest of details in any nook and corner of the world thanks to the social media. It spreads like wildfire. It truly has made the world global village. 
  2. It helps to keep in touch with people and relatives who are far away from us. For officials it’s a great help as they can’t go to their homes every now and then and meet their parents or children. Thus, it helps to bring people closer.
  3. For companies it helps to create a brand name for themselves. They can use the platform to connect with the customers and make their marketing strategy even more profound. Attractive campaigns on social media tend to bring in a lot of people in the shopping outlets and can be seen as beneficial for the company.
  4. Many a times the government is seen using social media to create public awareness regarding sensitive issues prevalent in the society. It helps to find the target audience with much larger ease since there is at least one person from every family who uses social media in the 21st century.

Controversy in using social media

  1. Social media is the site for maximum number of fake news. Once spread, it’s impossible to stop it since everyone is now connected with each other. This fake news has resulted in serious consequences for the victim including death. Innocent people are seen being destroyed with just a stroke of a key in the media.
  2. Many young children have become the victim of cyber bullying. There have been reported cases of threats and kidnaps for the children of famous personalities. Also, many cases of body shaming take place on the internet. These incidents make the person down and makes him/her mentally unstable.
  3. Honey trapping and scandals are common in social media. People with high power and connections are usually targeted to gain an unfair advantage over them. Their competitors may then blackmail them and try to force undue advantages. Many a times girls are used in this business who in turn put the blame of assault and molestation on the victim if their demands are not fulfilled. 
  4. Hacking and fishing often takes place on the net. The bank details are stolen and the person is looted. This can be termed as digital robbery. Also, many people may hack the media accounts and upload vulgar/ obscene pictures and videos.
  5. However, the greatest problem of social media is the addiction. Young children are seen getting glued on their mobiles and computers most of the times. These kids forget the interaction with people physically and stop doing physical activities like playing, walking etc. this in turn creates health issues.


Like any scientific invention social media has both good as well as bad effects on the people who uses them. Its like the two sides of the same coins. However, the most important part is the awareness through which a person can utilise it for his/her benefits. Ultimately, it’s up to the social media user who can make or break his image on the platforms. Like I said before people from small areas are connecting towards the people from metro all thanks to the social media. In this way people no longer feel alienated or homesick even though they are far way. Social media has also given rise to many beautiful love stories across countries. So, make the most of it to develop as a much better person and let the world know.