Government Jobs vs Private Jobs

Whether to choose a government job that offers stability or a private job that opens avenues of opportunities is a question that most young graduates ask themselves. Government jobs or the public sector is one of the largest employers in our country with over 17.61 million Indians employed and over 12 million employed in the private sector. In order to help you solve this dilemma, in this blog we bring you the comparison of government jobs against private jobs and enlist various parameters one must consider when looking for a job. So, let’s see which is better in Government Jobs vs Private Jobs.THIS BLOG INCLUDES:

Government Jobs vs Private Jobs: Job security

If you are seeking john security from your work, then government jobs might be the best fit. Government jobs are steady even in the face of market variations. A bad job market can leave industries like textile manufacturing to the ever-popular Indian IT industry in a turmoil leaving the public sector devoid of any casualties. On the contrary, terminations are extremely frequent in private jobs where employees can be laid off for numerous reasons such as bad performance, bad job -markets or even based on gender, race , caste or bad terms with employers.  In case of a government job, it becomes mandatory to show valid cause of conduct violation in order for a termination to be executed and the employers are bound by employee protection.

Government Jobs vs Private Jobs: Job Growth

Even though government jobs have security, they can be notorious when it comes to job growth. Because government jobs are inherently bureaucratic in nature, they can leave very little room for rewarding individual professional initiatives. This could be stunting to the career growth of the employees. In case of government jobs, promotions are time based and dependent on vacancies. Private job on the contrary, provides a vast scope for growth and climbing up the ladder. Even though senior most positions in government jobs can be very powerful, they only  come after years of patience, waiting for people to retire before their seats can be replaced.

Government Jobs vs Private Jobs: Job benefits

Another massive advantage of procuring a government job is the retirement benefits including solid pension plans. Recently the security has been replaced  by the New Pension Scheme where the pension funds are invested in stock markets. However the government contributes an amount in favor of the employee which goes into the National Securities Depository Limited. Private companies on the other hand are not liable to invest in an employee’s pension plans leaving employees to manage their funds all by themselves. Additionally the government employees are also endowed with various kinds of benefits such as loan schemes, travel perks, and also housing allowances that private employees may or may not receive. 

Job Opportunity

There is a general consensus among people that landing a government job is far more difficult than landing a private job. In order to receive a government job, the employees must first appear for a nation-wide entrance test, competing with a large pool of candidates. There are other factors such as age limits, availability etc. in comparison, recruitment for private jobs happen all year long and are filled based on demand. Petitions can also be filled via campus recruitment, referral recruitment, online recruitment and through other streamlined and straightforward processes.

Government Jobs vs Private Jobs: Work-life balance

The work culture in a private job might entail longer working hours, extremely competitive settings, deadlines and a very stressful environment. In a private job, job performance is directly related to growth, the work environment is bound to create competition, to keep the pace. On the contrary government jobs are relaxed and help you maintain a healthy work-life balance. The work environment is extremely laxed however there is a possibility of transfer in government jobs which can be life altering. 

In conclusion, either choice, government or private has its own pros and cons. Therefore your decision to choose a job depends on what aspects are important to you and what you want from it.  We hope you find this blog aids you in making the right choice. For more interesting content subscribe to Leverage Edu.