Importance of music and art

Music has been describe by many people in many ways but evident fact about these two is that they are present around us in a priceless manner working as a source of entertainment. Music and art very easily and gracefully define any emotion and depict the beauty of the scenario. Music and art have been used since early times by the people. Art was the only medium of communication in the early paleolithic age when the residing humans did not have active vocal chords. Music from the time of rulers have been designated as a form of entertainment and a skill which is difficult to hold on. The classical music and musicians in the court of rulers back then were given huge respect and the name itself suggests that the classical music was used by elites only as it was considered as a skill that is precious and classic. The best example of it is Tansen the legendary musician who was termed one of the ratan in the court of Akbar. If we connect it to the emotional aspect they help in the expression of thoughs, feeling and emotions and it keep us close to our history, certainly we get to know about the culture and tradition of early times through art and music. They keep us close and aware about out tradition so the inculcation of music and art is an essential in schools. If we see the psychological aspect of it then we get to know even more perks about these two skills the psychologists use music and art therapy to treat the unstable people who are suffering from anxiety and depression. They give mental peace, focus and works just like mediation to the mind of person pressuring them giving them mental maturity. Music has even been seen to treat very severe diseases like cancer. They are an essential in the schooling of a child because they encourages creativity and engagement in a different way bring in more confidence and focus. They make education more interesting and playful. Thinking outside the box and having good interpersonal skills are some factors on which art and music works efficiently. They also work as a stress buster for a lot of people after a long and tiring day. They give children just not a study based on facts but also practical and real life education. It also works on motor skills specifically in young children. It enhances the spectrum of thinking in a child but also fosters group learning making them more comprehensive and making them conscious about the importance of team work and how to culminate even ones ideas together. They can become self-learners through them,constantly challenging themselves, and become more focused on achieving their goals, making them responsible and accountable.