Neolithic Age

Neolithic age witness a drastic change into the subsistence strategies of humans from hunting and gathering to agriculture. Which lead to an evident change in dietary habits people back then. The post Pleistocene climatic conditions were much warmer climate and environmental change meant now societies subsiding could not produce food the way they used to earlier. Certain animal species like reindeers were now scarce.. The large proportion of earths water which was frozen now melted raising the sea and ocean levels. Frozen rivers and streams could now be exploited easily and enriched people with vast varieties of sea food and river fishes were being consumed. Forests saw dense growth and several areas which had earlier been dry became open grasslands. New enivironment couldnot survive Magdalenian economy. In most parts of Europe hunting and food gathering economy continued at the beginning of the post Pleistocene epoch and post glacial cultures seem inferior as compared of Magdalenian and for long time prehistorian saw this as a period of all-round decline. They used the term Mesolithic for European cultures of this period. The term Mesolithic was used specifically for the hunting and food gathering cultures of Europe in early post glacial times.