5 Tips on How to be Successful in Life

This article inspires, motivates, encourages and draws you closer to your success by discussing 55 simple tips on how to be successful in life.You can apply these tips to help you navigate the stormy oceans of life towards the island of success.Success is reaching a predetermined goal and accomplishing something that is of value or important to you or others which you had set out to do in the past.Success is the desire, aspiration and drive to do something meaningful, important, significant, valuable or substantial that has an impact on your life and other people.You are the only person who intimately knows what you want to accomplish in life and what kind of achievement will have the greatest meaning, fulfillment and impact in your life.Success is not easy. You already knew that, but what does it take to be successful in life? What does success mean? How can you be successful? How will you know when you become successful?


  1. Define Success on Your Own Terms
  2. Have a Big Dream
  3. Take Action
  4. Start Small/Make Regular Small Steps
  5. Aim to Make a Difference

Define Success on Your Own Terms

Different people have different definitions of success. What success means to one person could be totally different from another person.

The first step in your journey to success is to have your own clear definition of what success means to you.This is an exercise similar to determining your destination before you embark on your journey.Once you know your destination, there are many ways you can follow to get to your endpoint. Even when you get off track, it is easy to get back on the road.

The most challenging thing is when you do not have a clear destination. In this case you would be wandering around without a clear objective or purpose.You have to fight for your success.

It will not be handed to you.Prepare to go to the battlefield of success with a made up mind full of focus with images of winning the battle firmly imprinted on your mind.Your definition of success should be a source of motivation and energize you to get started and keep working on your success journey.

Have a Big Dream

How big are your dreams? What is the greatest thing that you want to achieve in your life?Challenge yourself to dream bigger. Decide that you want more fulfillment for yourself.Your dream is the destination of where you want to be in the future.When you are dreaming, do not worry about how you will achieve the dream, for now just focus on seeing the big dream in your mind as clearly as you can.

The goal of dreaming big is to create a better life for yourself and others. Imagine endless possibilities for your life, your career, your family and the world.

A big dream is a substantial wish or an aspiration for something, of which when we attain it; we believe it would fulfill or satisfy an inner longing or desire.

Visualize the outcomes that you want in your life. Zoom in on a few big ideas or one specific big idea that has the greatest meaning for you.By daring to dream big and going forward to reach for your dreams you in turn inspire others to dare to dream big and aim to attain the highest purpose of their life.

Take Action

The simple truth is that dreams, visions and goals are achieved and accomplished only through action.Taking the first step is usually the hardest part of the journey. Start at the level where you are then grow and increase your skill level and output over time.

Action increases your confidence and leads to more action. Taking action gives birth to momentum.Simply put, by taking action you get things done.Action strengthens you.

It grows you, makes you smarter, you learn more, you self-correct as you move along, you improve and become better.By taking action you get things done.However, it won’t be all smooth sailing, you will stumble and make missteps along the way but firmly picture the end result on your mind as you keep pushing forward and making focused progress towards your success.

Start Small/Make Regular Small Steps

Are you feeling overwhelmed about starting? Don’t worry many people do. They feel fearful, confused, paralyzed, overwhelmed, anxious and apprehensive when it comes time to start.

Do not be discouraged by how many times you have to start to gain your balance, once you gain your balance take a few easy steps and then a few more.You don’t have to do it all at once, this is a common misconception, you need to take one bite at a time.

One positive aspect of starting small is you discover what works and what doesn’t.Perhaps you had assumptions that looked good in theory but when you applied them they did not work out as you had thought.

This gives you an opportunity to evolve and discover new ways of achieving your objectives. Your plans and ideas could expand into ways and areas that you had not imagined before.

You could gain more insights about the goal you are pursuing and you will learn more about yourself. Your level of confidence will also increase as you persist by moving forward.When starting small you can focus on every detail that needs your attention.

You can also experiment and test new ideas.Starting small and taking small steps helps you to test the waters before diving in.

The key to growth and progress is to do a bit more each new day than you did the previous day and make small improvements as you move along.

Aim to Make a Difference

There are two main ways to make a difference in life, one way is to make a difference in yourself and the second is to make a difference in others’ lives.Success stems from living a life where you truly gave it your all and worked on attaining the greatest good for yourself and other people.Making a difference in your life begins by taking an inventory of your current life situation.

The inventory includes analyzing where you are emotionally, physically and mentally.Are you happy with where you are right now? Are you living your life to the fullest? Are you putting your skills, talents and abilities to the best possible use?It becomes significantly easier to help others and make a difference in their lives when we have taken care of our lives or are actively taking steps and action to be where we want to be in our lives.Add value in everything that you do. Think of how your dreams and ideas could help solve the problems of other people.

Your solution could be your business opportunity that could make a difference in both your life and others.