Trees are a fundamental piece of our current circumstance There can be no question about the helpfulness of trees. We need oxygen for living and trees to give us oxygen. Trees cause precipitation and in this way forestall the spread of desert. Trees save our property from disintegration and keep up with the fruitfulness of the dirt. Trees give us conceal. Trees give us food. We get crops and diverse heavenly and succulent organic products from trees. Trees offer sanctuary to numerous creatures, creepy crawlies, and birds. Thusly, trees assist with keeping up with natural equilibrium. We likewise get numerous items like wood, leaves, elastic, gum, aroma nectar and so forth from trees. Paper is produced using Wood and bamboo. We use wood as fuel and furthermore need it for making things like houses, boats, and furniture. Trees make our reality lovely. It is extremely enchanting to take a gander at trees. Yet, the world is losing its trees in enormous sum each year. We cut a great deal of trees and annihilate many woodlands for making new houses and for getting more Wood. In the event that this pattern proceeds, there won’t be sufficient trees for keeping up with biological equilibriums. Numerous nations are now transforming into deserts because of the enormous cutting of trees. Numerous types of birds and creatures have additionally gotten terminated for need of food and natural surroundings after the obliteration of woods. Consequently it has become a crisis to plant more trees. In India, the rainy season is the best an ideal opportunity for the estate of trees. We can plant trees in any open spots, around our homes, places of business, production lines, schools universities, and emergency clinics. We ought to likewise plant trees on one or the other side of the streets and in every single accessible spot.