Seijin no Hi

‘Seijin no Hi’ or the ‘Coming of Age day’ is celebrated on 15th January every year in Japan. This is a national holiday for people who have turned 20 years of age anytime between 2nd April of last year to 1st April of the ongoing year. It officially started in the year 1946, in the city of Warabi city, formerly known as Saitama.

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Every area in the city holds the ceremony in the local city halls. The people residing in the area who are registered to be turned 20 between the period of 2nd April to 1st April are invited to local city hall of that area. Speeches are given by the adults of the area, generally by important city hall figures and the people who have turned 20 are given souvenirs as a token of their memory of becoming an adult. The ceremony may be followed by a party, small scale parties are held for the new adults to welcome them into their adulthood in many areas. Families celebrate this event together.

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Now lets talk about the clothing. Both the boys and girls wear traditional clothing. Girls wear ‘Furisode’ which is kimono with really long sleeves that is worn by unmarried women. As for boys, they wear traditional clothing which is called ‘Hakama’. A Hakama is worn over a kimono and is tied down at the waist and falls approximately to the ankles. But recently boys have started wearing western style clothing as it is more comfortable to these events. Girl’s start preparing for this event months ago. During this period many salons start advertising to style girls for this day. many photo studios also provide them with special photo options to make this day even more memorable.