Hi all,
Today I am going to share different ways to say or ask
– Good morning.
– How are you?
– I am fine.
– What are you doing?

* Ways to say “GOOD MORNING”
1. Good day to you.
2. Have a great day.
3. Wishing you the best for
the day.
4. Good morning,Wake up
and be awesome.
5. Lovely morning.

*Ways to ask “HOW ARE YOU?”
1. How are you doing
2. How’s everything
3. How have you been
4. How are things going
5. How do you do
6. How is life sailing
7. How are things coming
8. Long time no see
9. What’s good in the Hood
10.what is new with you.

* Ways to say “I AM FINE”
1. I’m good.
2. I’m great.
3. Doing really well.
4. Couldn’t be better.
5. Never better.
6. I feel great/wonderful/
7. Over the moon.

*Ways to ask ‘WHAT ARE YOU DOING?’
1. Are you busy(right now)?
2. What’s going on?
3. What are you up to
(right now)?
4. What are you up to lately?.

Hope so, my today’s topic is useful to you. Now, try to use these ways, instead of using regular ways.

Have a lovely day.

Keep smiling ❣️