Is Mobile Phone Boon or Bane?

by Yogiraj Sadaphal.

Day and night, rational and dangerous, wealthy and poor, health and illness—everything in life has a dual character. Everything in the universe is either a boon (good) or a bane (bad), or, to put it another way, a blessing or a curse. It’s the same with cell phones.

The use of mobile phones is rapidly increasing. Individuals with cellphones have access to a wealth of information at their fingertips. Without the omnipresent mobile phones, today’s world would be unimaginable. Everyone now has a smartphone, from children as young as nine to the elderly as old as ninety.

What Do You Mean by “Mobile Phone”?

A cellular phone or cellphone is an electronic telecommunications device. Mobile phones use radio waves or satellite signals to connect to a wireless communications network. Voice communications, Short Message Service (SMS), Multimedia Message Service (MMS), and Internet services such as Web surfing and e-mail are all available on mobile phones.


1. Life at ease: 

Due to mobile phones, life has been so much easier and more comfortable. For example, today’s mobile phones come with a variety of functions and programs, such as android, java games, and internet connectivity, allowing you to effortlessly converse and surf anything while sitting at home.

2. Ocean of Information:

The Internet has evolved into the largest and most comprehensive source of information available today. Anything and everything may be quickly accessed with the use of search engines such as Google, UC Web browser, Yahoo, and others. The most important benefit is that they assist students of many disciplines in studying and learning.

3. Connectivity:

Both mobile phones and the internet have become important sources of connectivity in today’s world. People chat on social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, and WhatsApp. Telegram and Instagram messenger have also become popular among today’s youth.

4. Enhanced Life Standard:

People have grown much more advanced and revolutionized as a result of such technology, consequently raising their living conditions. When a person holds an Apple phone in his hand, he has a completely different impact on society than when he holds a regular phone.

As a Bane:

1. Limitation of thoughts:

People have put strict limitations on their mental process and rely largely on the artificial source of information because every item of knowledge is already available on the internet. Many young and vibrant people have observed a decline in their innovative thinking and intellectual level.

2. Creation of an Artificial World within a real one:

With their smart phones and apps, people have constructed an imaginary universe in which they remain reserved, distant, and separated in their own confined zone. They rarely connect with the actual world since they don’t have the time.

3. Time:

People are growing addicted to these luxuries to the point where they no longer have time to spend with their families and discuss issues. As a result, personal relationships are suffering. It also wastes a lot of time because addiction is dangerous.

4. Wastage of Money:

One of the major annoyances is that people waste a lot of money on more expensive mobile phones and devices unnecessarily in order to maintain their social position. Even if a cell phone costing Rs. 5000 would suffice, they choose for considerably more expensive models in order to attract attention in society.

As a result, we can easily see how mobile phones and the internet have impacted us, our lives, and our society to a far greater extent, with both positive and negative consequences. It’s not that we don’t need them; in fact, we all know that “too much of anything is fatal and leads to negative effects.” So, in light of this, we must undoubtedly use these, but only in such a way that they do not prove to be harmful to us.