Hi all,
   Today I am going to share an interesting and useful information. Yes, today I am going to share some short forms that being used while texting.

1.RN – Right now.
2.LMK Let me know.
3.NVM – Never mind.
4.IMO – In my opinion.
5.TBF To be frank.
6.TBH – To be honest.
7.IDK – I don’t know.
8.TTYL Talk to you later.
9.?4U I have a question for you.
10.<3 – sideways heart.
11.2N8 – Tonight.
12.2M2H – Too much to handle.
13.^5 – High-five.
14.AFAP – As far as possible.
15.ASAP As soon as possible.
16.B4 – Before
17.BTW – By the way.
18.CYA See ya.
19.JK Just kidding.
20.OTOH – On the other hand.
21.OMW – On my way.
22.FYI – For you information.
23.POMS – parent over my shoulder.
24.PAW – parents are watching.
25.PBB – parent behind back.
26.WYWH – Wish you were here.
27.POV – Point of view.
28.SRSLY – Seriously.
29.WUZUP – What’s up.
30.W8 – Wait.
31.RUOK – Are you ok.
32.CYT – See you tomorrow.
33.TIA – Thanks in advance.
34.BRB – Be right back.
35.2MORO – Tomorrow.

Now, try to use these short forms and have fun.
Hope so it was useful.

Have a cool day

Keep smiling ❣️❣️❣️