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Today I chose an interesting topic which is a growing trend in advertising method. Definitely today’s topic will help you, to get to know about  video marketing and why it is important.
As it is an era of digital marketing, every small to big business people are advertising their commodities through online, which became very common.
Generally online advertisements are done either by Posters or by videos. And most of the company will have their own websites.
Each and Everyone of us would have come across with various posters in Instagram, Facebook and in their websites.
For example:50%off on so and so products, combo offer etc.

Then, what is video marketing/ advertising?
In simple terms, video marketing is all about advertising a company’s product through an attractive and beautiful video.
Some of the examples are lactocalamine, purple (beauty products), lucious, Spotify, bitcoins etc..
We would have seen these companies, advertising their products through videos, which will pop-up in between the YouTube videos, hotstar and all other applications which are used for watching programs.
Video marketing is now even used by various gaming industries and also by matrimonies.
For example:Tamil matrimony and such other matrimonies and for games decorate your home, MPL, rummy circle. Com etc.
But have we ever thought, why they are advertising through videos.
what is the purpose/importance of Video marketing while advertising online ?

Here’s the reason, ‌
‌1. Videos and pictures are more attractive than words. Currently, most of the skills and lessons are learned by watching videos, because things which we see, will automatically get registered in our mind at times even it convinces us to go for it.

‌2.If that’s the case video advertisement will attract a huge group of people, irrespective of age difference.

‌3. Also It Breaks language barriers, as the video does have the capacity of explaining the details by itself .

‌4. Also, it is an easy way of approaching consumer.

‌5.Also, it act as a stimuli, it stimulates consumer to go for the product, whether they need that particular product or not, by continuous video advertisement a seller can convince a consumer , as the advertising video pops up nearly 3-4 times while watching a single video, whereas it is not possible with pamphlet, flex and other advertising methods.

‌6.Also,the seller can easily reach out consumer from all over the world, as the video is uploaded to most commonly used Portals/applications.

‌ marketing is considered as an effective way of advertising also it is a smart way of selling a commodity, as online. shopping becoming trend. 

Video marketing is generally done to make consumer to feel easier and comfortable because through videos consumer will come to know most of the availing features of the products, which will convince them for purchasing it.
The above points are the reason why video marketing is important in digital marketing.

So, all the budding business people and all growing business tycoons make use of this Video marketing in a beautiful and effective way were you can accomplish your target sooner. But don’t forget to add your own ideas and surprises.

My suggestion, if  a seller brings 3D effect in video advertising ,it will help him/her to attract much more consumer.
And I am pretty sure that each and every one of us would have purchased at least one product after watching the video Advertisement.

And yes, I am among them.

As everything is getting Digitalised, adopting to innovative digital marketing is necessary.

As we are getting adopted to it, we also want to use it properly and effectively .

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