SWOC Analysis (Tropicana and maaza)


Tropicana Products, Is an American multinational company which makes fruit-based beverages and specializes in the production of orange juice.

Swoc analysis:

Strength :

• Strong brand image: Tropicana has created a strong brand image for itself and has positioned itself as a substitute for fresh juice.

• Global Presence: as ,it’s a PepsiCo product.

• Healthy option

• Strong distribution: Tropicana, as a product requires special attention during distribution. This is where PepsiCo helps Tropicana tremendously.

Weakness :

• Considered Costly: Tropicana is considered to be costly as compared to local products in the same quantity.

• Reduced Quantity: Instead of increasing price of products, Tropicana resorted to reducing quantity of product to about 8-10%.

• Low Rural Penetration: Packaged Juices are difficult to distribute and are more dependent on higher margins .


• Increasing Health Consciousness: Health awareness around the world is increasing.

• Focus on low-calorie drinks: . Tropicana should focus more on low-calorie products by including flavours .

• Tie-ups with restaurants, hotels : Tropicana can look for tying up with large chains of hotels that lead to increase in revenues.


• Presence of Fresh Juice Joints: Fresh juice is still more preferred than packaged juice.

• Promotion of healthy products may affect PepsiCo’s other products: promoting consumption of healthy products may backfire in the sales PepsiCo’s aerated drinks example Pepsi etc.

• Intense competition: Tropicana faces intense competition from many competitors around the world.


Maaza is a Coca-Cola fruit drink brand from India . Its most popular drink is its mango fruit drink.


• Presence across the world: Maaza has a market in most parts of the world.

• Customer recognition: Maaza through the characteristics taste difference from competitors has been able to secure a fan following in India.

• Powerful branding: The Company has used a variety of tools and channels for branding.


•. Monotonous advertising pitch: Both Frooti and Slice have changed their advertisements and given themselves a much-needed makeover .

•. Single Flavour: Maaza though it tried to launch other flavoured drinks like pineapple and orange eventually withdrew those drinks since they were unable to gain a significant

market share.

• Coco Cola is riding on the success story of Maaza and is overconfident of it is unbeatable. Leads to loss to invest in maaza.


• shift of preference: Across the world consumers are shifting from aerated drinks to fruit juices.

• unexploited market: unexploited resources should be efficiently utilized .

• Health consciousness


•. Competition: The Company faces a lot of competition from brands such as Slice and Frooti who are in a constant struggle to become market leaders…

• The threat of substitution: There is a lot of negative marketing on how flavours used in fruit drinks are toxic to the body. This makes people substitute these drinks with juices made from ,Challenge sudden spurt of growth: Frooti which was number three in the Indian market overtook its nearest rival Slice in 2016 through a new logo and a change of strategy.

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