Juice market segmentation.

Most sold product – fruit juice (Tropicana)
Tropicana Juice is prepared by mechanically squeezing fruit or
vegetable flesh without the application of heat or solvents.


The segmentation strategy used by Tropicana is very smart as it tries to
reach the highest profit levels for the company.
Under psychographic segmentation, it targets those health conscious and
those who prefer to drink juice instead of coffee or soda.
The main target customers are the adults who are between the ages 21-30
and are more concerned about their health and who choose a nutritious
diet Mainly in this pandemic.
Tropicana has a global strategy to focus on healthier and nutritious
• Strong credibility: this business involves strong credibility.

Customer analysis
The main consumers of these business are the health conscious youth who
would choose to drink Tropicana instead of unhealthier options like Coke
or Pepsi
Promotion Strategy
Tropicana promotes itself based on two facts, first that it is 100% pure
drink and second is that it contains a large amount of fruit in each bottle.

Least sold product – soft drink Pepsi,

In India Pepsi was introduced into the market before few months of
Cricket world cup.

Consumer analysis
It revealed they are well known about the pepsi but majority of the
people didn’t like Pepsi and for many people the color of pepsi
reflected the color of Kerosene.
More over packaging of the drink also plays a important role in its
sale and promotion and from the findings it is clearly noticed that
the availability is in urban areas only.
• Moreover color is a sensitive matter changing it suddenly and
drastically reflects the sales of the product .
Pepsi failed in the market due to lack of proper advertisement and
it’s colour .

Turnover :
This organisation selling juice direct to consumer can expect about a 50%
– 70% gross margin for a month.
The main thing to increase the turnover depend upon the following:
• Financial Projections
• Customer Demographics

Pricing Strategy:
Its products are manufactured with high quality juices with innovative
they can be consumed by middle-income group families .
The 200 ml tetra pack is priced at Rs.30 whereas the 1000 ml tetra pack
is priced at Rs. 120. In the recent years, Tropicana sales have been
increasing, as more and more people have become health conscious.

Market Structure
Monopolistic competition is a type of imperfect competition such
that one or two producers sell products that are differentiated
from one another as goods but not perfect substitutes (such as
from branding, quality, or location)
As a monopolistic competitor this rm takes the prices charged by its
rivals as given and ignores the impact of its own prices on the
prices of other firms.

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