Consumption of healthy food.

“Healthy” food is a term which we often hear by almost everyone. It’s not only that
people are becoming more health-conscious but also following a trend which
supports healthier food. Whether it be your favorite Film star or Youtube and
Instagram influencer everyone is emphasizing how important it is to eat healthy food. From getting a good body to clear and even-toned skin everything depends on your diet which obviously includes healthy food items. So in this age of technology where people spend most of the time on Instagram and other social media where every other influencer is flaunting their good physique and fairness everyone is intimidated to become the same by eating good and healthy food. There’s a trend which is shifting towards healthy food. From physical to mental wellbeing everything is related to healthy food. To provide a more comprehensive assessment of why people are shifting towards healthy food we have done a survey that aims at analyzing and finding opinions and behavior of people towards healthy food.

With Increasing problems in the environment, the concern for consumption of the right food has become the main concern of people. Half of the problems nowadays have only one sole reason for its cause, that is unhealthy food. People now realised how important it is, to keep and maintain a healthy body. Serving your body with healthy food will not only increase your life expectancy but also improve your
mental health. From youngsters to grandparents, everyone is so attentive as to what is on their plate. A pandemic could also be considered as a means to the end, the end is eating healthy. As we are tackling and confronting new types of diseases each day, it has become fundamental to prioritize healthy food over unhealthy. Not only laymen but also companies and everyone who is associated with producing food has
realized the changing environment and shifted their sole focus on either producing healthy food or innovating new methods to make the current produced healthy.

Eating right has now occupied space in the priority list of the people. Good food
provides umpteenth benefits starting from good mental health to healthy living,
which is now believed by a lot of people. So the shift in trend is justified by the
benefits it supplies. A lot of youngsters have started to treat themselves with the
right food so that, it doesn’t affect them adversely in the upcoming future. With
modernization we can see the drastic change in the mentality of all the classes of people, choosing healthy food over fast food. Not only government policies are in
favor of this, but even the corporates have also started paying a huge amount of
attention to it. They’ve experimented so much to provide a good taste with
appropriate nutrients, that now people will not struggle in search of healthy food.
The whole shift of population towards healthy food carries a lot of expectations
such as low-stress level, good body, better living, etc. One shouldn’t let stress
dominate over his or her mind as that has been proven to be one of the causes of
craving for fast food. With all the minute things avoided, one can expect this shift
to occupy more people in it.

Thank you.