Dukan Diet For Weight loss

Are you aware of Dukan diet ? Easy way to reduce your weight.

Dukan Diet is intaking rich protein and low carbohydrate food in order to get rid from obesity and lose weight by breaking diet into four phases. Dr.Pierre Dukan who created the dukan diet in 1970 was a French Physician,Nutritionist and Specialized in weight management. Dukan created this diet to meet the needs of his patients.After getting successful result from this diet,he published the book ” The Dukan Diet ” in 2000. The Dukan Diet attained world- wide popularity. And the book released in 32 countries ,translated into more than 14 languages.

Consult with your doctor

A person must consult with his doctor before taking the dukan diet whether his body condition is appropriate for the diet. And should start the diet with proper planning and continuing with the advise of best dietist. One should ready for the diet both mentally and physically.

Four Phases Of Dukan Diet
1) Attack phase
2) Cruise phase
3) Consolidation phase
4) Stabilisation phase
The diet phases includes 100 food items. Most of the foods are high protein and vegetables with some amount of carbohydrates. There are 68 pure proteins and 32 vegetables.

  1. Attack Phase (1-7 days)

Intake of pure protein food is the primary step in the attack phase with 1.5 tablespoon of oat bran for fibre content and minimal calories. And you can take unlimited quantities of pure protein. You have to drink 7-9 cups of water daily. Regular physical activities and exercise for 20 mins per day helps mostly. These phase helps for instant weight loss. The duration for attack phase depends on the weight of the person.

What To Consume

68 pure proteins

Lean meat : Beef tenderloin, lamp,venison, steak, filet mignon, buffalo, extra lean ham, extra lean kosher beef, lean slices of roast beef, flank, sirloin, London broilveal chops, veal scaloppini, pork tenderloin, hot dogs, reduced fat bacon.

Poultry : chicken, chicken liver, cornish hen, ostrich steak, wild duck, turkey, fat fee turkey, chicken sausages, low fat deli slices of chicken.

Fish : catfish, shark, mackerel, salmon, swordfish, redsnapper, haddock, arctic char, cod, flounder, halibut and smoked halibut, herring, mahi mahi, mink fish, orange roughy, perch, surmi, tilapia, trout, tuna, fresh or canned in water.

Shellfish : clams, crab, crawfish, crayfish, lobster, mussels, octopus, oysters, scallops, shrimp, squid.

Vegetarian Proteins : seitan, soy foods and veggie burgers, tempeh,tofu.

Fat-free dairy products : Fat-free milk, Fat-free sour cream, fat-free ricotta, fat-free cottage cheese, fat-free plain greek style yogurt.

Eggs : chicken,quail, duck.

What To Avoid

Sugars, fats, carbohydrates.

2. Cruise Phase (1-12 months)
In this phase,you have to take 100 food items including 68 pure protein and 32 Vegetables in alternative days. No limitation for intaking those pure protein and less fat vegetables. Oat bran increased to 2 tablespoon. 30-60 minutes of physical activities like exercise or walking is compulsory. The duration for cruise phase also depends on the weight that the person wants to lose.

What To Consume
32 Vegetables : Egg plant, okra, onions, mushrooms, carrot, broccoli,Watercress, turnip, tomato, pumpkin, bean sprouts, cucumber, leeks, shallots,Zucchini, artichoke, asparagus.

What To Avoid
Starchy vegetables like potatoes and corn

3.Consolidation Phase (1-5 days)

It helps to prevent from regaining the weight. In this phase,the person can take unlimited foods under 100 items without any restrictions and also allowed to take a glass of wine , desert as a celebration meals each week. You can take oat bran of 2.5 tablespoon. You can add some carbohydrates during this consolidation fees and also 25 minutes of exercise.

What To Consume

Wholegrain bread, Fruit, Cheese,Entree, A glass of wine .

What To Avoid


4.Sabilization Phase

The final phase allows to eat carbohydrates more than other 3 phases. But 1 day in a week should take complete lean protein. You can take 3 tablespoon of oat bran. During this phase try to use stairs instead of an elevator. And take a brisk walk for 20 minutes.

Disadvantages Of Dukan Diet

1) Intake of less carbohydrates leads to bad breath, nausea, weakness and headaches.

2) People become so tired during the attack phase. So Dr. Dukan advises people to avoid lift heavy weights.

3) Less consumption of carbohydrates can lead to constipation.

4) It may leads to nutritional deficiency because of lack of whole grains,fruits.

5) Nutritional deficiency may leads to various problems such as cancer and heart attack to premature aging.

6) Pure protein intake may cause kidney problems and bone related diseases.

Advantages Of Dukan Diet

1) Instant weight loss makes people feel good.

2) Calories are burned easily by consumption of low carbohydrate foods.

3) It is possible to reduce weight without heavy workout.

4) Calorie-counting is not involved.

The Dukan diet has both pros and cons equally. So,people with blood pressure, sugar complaints and with other diseases practicing this diet is highly risky and may cause serious health issue.