Kisan Diwas

“If agriculture goes wrong, nothing else will have a chance to go right in the country” -MS Swaminathan

Kisan diwas or farmers day in India is celebrated every year on 23rd December which is also the birth anniversary of India’s fifth Prime Minister Chaudhary Charan Singh.

This day is dedicated to all the farmers across India and to observe their efforts and sacrifices towards taking Indian economy to higher and advanced levels. This day is also marked to celebrate the efforts and ideas of Shri chaudhary charan Singh towards betterment of Agriculture sector in India. This year kisan diwas comes after the end of year long protests carried out by the farmers mainly from Punjab and Haryana following the rollback of three farm laws by the central government. 

India has been celebrating Kisan Diwas aka Shri Chaudhary Charan Singh’s birthday since year 2001.

Chaudhary charan singh was born on 23rd December, 1902, in Uttar Pradesh, in a middle class peasant family. He was a socialist and was influenced by Mahatma Gandhi’s ideas of non-violence etc. He was also a part of country’s freedom struggle.He was the main brain behind land reforms in Uttar Pradesh. He took massive efforts in the formulation and finalisation of the Debt Redemption  Bill 1939. This was one of the very significant advancement in Agricultural sector as this act brought great relief to rural debtors.For his efforts towards agricultural advancement Charan was given the title of “Champion of India’s peasant’s”.

He designed a transformation bill known as Land Holding Act of 1960 which came into force while he was the chief minister of Uttar Pradesh and he also worked for Zamindari Abolition Act of 1950. Chaudhary charan singh died on January 14th,1980. India will forever be grateful and debted to him for his efforts and endeavours.

Farmers are the pride of our nation,we don’t realise how much they contribute in the growth of Indian economy. They are the ones who put their soul and blood in the soil to bring forth its fortunes,they are the ones who give it life. Without them India would collapse as an economy as well as a nation. This farmer’s day let us pledge and promise to recognize and appreciate the efforts of our farmers as they are one of the real heroes of our nation.