14 February valentine’s day

what is valentine’s day? Have you guys ever thought it’s just for the couples or its more than that. If you ask me than I would probably say that it’s more than that. It’s the symbol of love. we cannot define the love for our love ones because it’s very precious and cannot be explained in words we can only express in the way we want and it’s not just for teens or the couples but this day is for our precious one and that could be anyone. To whom we actually thankful and grateful that they are the part of our life. And they are the one who actually love us. They can be friends, family, and partner who actually being our part. This day is just to be kind and generous towards their love from several years. They are pouring to you and expecting nothing out of it.

That is selfless love for anyone because atlast they want you to be happy and stay forever in their life. As their life is incomplete without you. You are a special person in their life. Gifts are the symbol of love and happiness. Which make your love towards them more strong and realise the importance of them in your life. We usually don’t see their love and concern but when you realise their importance than you showcase it in the form of gifts. We just want to make them realise that how you are important in their life.

Saint valentine is the one who make people realise the importance of love. It is not for the couples but also the one who actually being our part of life who always loved us. He also went jail due to his love theory but still his power of love has made people realise the importance of love towards people is very much needed. Even children are also gifted because they are the symbol of love. The love cannot be distributed it only being expressed.

I hope know we know the meaning of valentine as this is the only symbol of love and happiness and it cannot be divided just expressed in your own way.