All men’s are not wrong ?

Don’t portray each and every man in the category of a culprit as they all the not same. I have seen many man who help and care the woman who do not distinguish between the man and woman motivate them. And also stood by their side. And understand their discomfort and gave them the way. I have seen many men’s who don’t attach by physical appearance but they see the beauty of the person. The inner nature of the person cannot fade and people love them even you think they preferred outer. Because it all in our mind if you feel they think like that they automatically think that but if you see others way you realise that you were wrong.

Two sides and two preference is normal but what we want to see is all in our hands. So try to focus on you rather than other. Because you cannot change people around you. But you can change yourself. Not in a bad way but in a good way. Improving yourself is not wrong even it helps you to grow up and higher than you becoming something which you don’t want. your mistakes make you stronger and gave strength to build a great future. Similarly relationship are also same they are also depends on your level of understanding only that how you see everything around you and learn from your previous all mistakes which you have done. By blaming people rather than changing yourself a bit to see the brighter side of the person.

What you see and feel you will get the same.It is true to be confident and see beauty around you be it nature or people you will definitely find the positive side. And than everyone will look very natural and pure soul. But it doesn’t mean that you blindly trust everyone. Just don’t stick to only negative. Analyse both the way and than see the situation. You will get to know that man are more understanding and trust worthy person you can ever get be it your brother, friends or partner even a stranger. They all will care for you and love the way you are and help you out with the things. Where you are facing any trouble. So everything around you is all depends on you.


We talk about equality than why woman get few benifits?

I believe in equality and I know womans can do anything own their own without any help and support and woman has proved us in Today time that they are not less than any man. But still this male dominated society has always made woman weak and helpless because of their soft Nature and crying often. Which they usually does but that doesn’t mean that woman are weak. They are much stronger than a man. And this has scientifically proven by scientists. And woman lives more than a man. And only the woman has the ability to gave birth to the young ones.

We always have to proof us even we have done lot of things. Still we get few benifits like seprate woman couch, reservation, less money in bus etc. There are lot many other things which a woman got so easily. Just they think they are weak so they are not in the competition world. But they are completely wrong.In history woman are the symbol of Durga and Lakshmi as they depict both very efficiently that is why they were superior and they are ruling the empire. But today woman are treated as a useless piece. Which they only want to uplift. But we don’t know we already have that power to achieve anything own our own. The problem is male want the woman to be in his feet that is why they portrayed the woman in the similar ways.

But I don’t think there is any need of such things. Because if woman get to know her powers than all the male have to suffer for their deeds. But as the society always make them quite. That is why woman never ever faught against their right to equality act. Where it is specified that all of them are same than why they don’t treated similar to the law. Why they got so liberty and this make male to say things. Which are not atall true about us. We have only gave them the chance to speak. If we don’t gave them chance to say it than they could not able to put a finger on us.

Every picture has different story similarly every story has different side.

We have seen many picture which depict so much from a single frame. We can analyse so much from a single picture can you image. It is just because of the moment which is captured in a single frame is not fake it’s real and showing the emotions of that thing in that situation and activities they are performing at that time. Every picture has a different story and in every story their is different elements but one thing is same. Which is the beauty and craft. And also the variation is very much similar in some cases. But one thing which differ the story that is the concept of the picture. For you the story could be sad but for other it can be source of regaining their old memories.

Similarly the story can be portrayed in the manner we want not actually happened in reality. Reality is far beyond than we see,so always vary both the side and than only come to any conclusion. We always pictured everything from one side but the problem is we do not picture the other. Firstly we always see the negative side because it impacts us more than positive. In negative there can be something positive but we forget that and continue to believe in the negative one only. Because our eyes are seeing something and our heart is completely opposite to the negative. It can be true but it cannot be. But if you want to be sure about it you have to find the other part as well.

In a jiksaw puzzle we see that the picture is not complete without a single piece. Similarly our life is also incomplete without every element which we miss in the span of life make our pictures incomplete in that phase. You have seen the two sides. It can be positive and negative as well. But if we see both the side than we can make out a good solution from that and it will be the best decision for you. If you really want to make your life less complicated than you should follow the middle part where you can play safe and secure and you will never regret your decision.

NGOs are doing great job.

NGOs are the helping hand they are actually helping out those who need them. And this process is not a give and take but they really want to do something for them. And I am also the part of it. And I feel blessed and happy when I work for them. The Basic life process is helping others and also becoming a personality we want to be in life. Your satisfaction are not in big gifts or expensive things all you need is love and satisfaction and that you will get when you do something for others more than for yourself.

As your happiness is all around you and in other people than you yourself . Because all you need to do something for others either you get or not get anything out of it. But you will still do it as it gave you happiness which you will find no where and for that you can do anything. This is the reason why people want to be around people irrespective of their choices are very much different expectations are not same. Their still a bound which we cannot find out after so much haterate and ignorance. Our moral is down everyday with the fact that we are useless and never can achieve our goals.

But one thing always in our minds that we can do it because we believe in us. And that believe only comes from people who demotivate us to do better in our life. We are here just because of them. As your failures are the reason of your success and those who criticised you for your failures will make you more strong and Independent and make you realise the importance of your love ones and your own people. You will understand who is your own or who are just fake. So helping make you connect to them as you know you were also there at one time and there was noone except your family. That the motivation and dedication that encourage you do something for others.

What is love ?

Love can be expressed in different forms and our love for each and every person is different. As we our different personalities and our bond with others do not depends on the physical attraction or physical relationship. It’s all depends on happiness and joy we get from the person. This is not just about only being with them but lot more than that we just need them around. Give us their time and support which we need. The love they feel for us. Giving them that space and trusting each other.

Our family and friends are very much important for us. And without them we cannot imagined our life. So making them realise the importance of them in your life. You should know that how they are special for you. Than only you can make them realise what you feel for them. I know this is tough task to express feeling and making people realise how they are important for you. If you cannot express in words than try to express through the heart and you will connect with that person more easily and quickly than you take time and try to express in words. There are no boundaries we have to be open and gave chance to your heart to think for sometimes. Always being practical will not make you happy for long periods of time. You have to feel cared and protected in the arms of your love one. Who deserves your time and space.

Love cannot be divided into two people they can be different but the quality and the uniqueness of it is all upon the person you are inside out. Because at last people will love you as a person not for the game, name or Money these things are needed for few days but at last they do not want these things. Everyone wants to be happy and relaxed because they don’t need only fun and excitement. But also need the person in their bad times who will more with you when you are in trouble. Good morning will always there and people will be around. But who will there for you in bad times at last they are the real ones.who will stay with us forever even we are in any situation.

Holi is celebrated many days before the date

I thought we celebrate Holi day before or on l the day it celebrated usually but it is celebrated many days before the date. And kids enjoyed it. As they gets the pleasure in throwing balloons this make others irritating and the kids feel joy. I have gone through this many a times. When I was going out. I have seen that’s kids take a balloon and target the person crossing by them. At if insist that please don’t throw they firstly convince but when they a chance they do the same. So it is very much dangerous to cross your path in Holi times

This not only ended here. There are kids who actually good at throwing balloons that they put a great shot on others. Even in the moving vehicle and this gave us water effect without rain. I like Holi but with my family and friends. Because celebration the festival with our Love ones make the occasion more happy and joyful. Rikshawalas are not spared on the occasion of Holi. I remember one incident when I was traveling through E- Rikshaw than someone throw a balloon on us and we were all splash with water. And all our clothes and face got wet due to water. Even dikhwa was also pouring droplets with the rest of the water left. That moments I realise I am not safe in two wheelers also.

Happy holi in advance I hope you enjoyed your day with water and colour but do not harm animal or people who are not liking it. Understand their feelings. And you have to spread happiness with other not spoil mood of yours as well as others. So be safe be happy and enjoy every bit as this type of chances comes after a year of time of make Holi memorable and joyful.

Why old age homes ?

We can see as our society is becoming nuclear more old age homes are increasing you parents and family members are very much important you are also their life. And if you do such things like leaving them alone. And gaving them a life they do not accepted. I feel very sorry for those parents. We as a child is very brutal if we think so. Even you are busy that doesn’t gave you right to leave them your other family is also living than why not them. And from a childhood we have seen everyone around than why are children do not have right to live with their grandparents. And why they do not have right to live with their grandchildren.

I always wanted to do something for my family only. Because they are giving me immense love and making me strong and independent. So that I can fight for myself and achieve something which is more important and valuable in my life. All you need is love and support and encouragement. And these all are not given by anyone expect parents. When they are with you when you needed them most than why they you can’t be there part when they needed you the most. It is not give and take process but it is the love for each other which make your bond and build a connection between you both. When you realise each other pain and also be part of it. Than you definitely got to know what you are doing to them. Time can heal everything this quote is true’ but you will definitely suffer alot when you realise the importance of family and when you needed them the most they will be gone very far.

Do not make such mistakes as you are the future and we know the life is tough but we can solve it together than leaving each other in the middle and continue. In that case if we win also than also you will be not happy and complete because you other members are not there with you to celebrate the joy and happiness with you. Unity has always been a drawback in our country but why we all are same but still we do not trust each other but we can trust those whom we don’t know and believe what they said but it is actually right that we loose someone special just because of a misunderstanding. And who are not important giving them more importance.

Forgiveness comes from the heart

This is true you cannot forgive someone so easily it’s difficult for anyone to forget things and move on. Your relation with that person is not same as we have earlier. Because cheating is very painful and forgiving them is not that easy. We think we can do it but we can’t is just that time heals that part and your heart take times to forgive someone. But the special word of this is that when we forgive someone with our heart our all anger and grunge or haterate come to end. Because know you genuinely forgive them.

I know it took time to forgive someone but if you have that patience and time than you will definitely get that person back. They will understand you and try to make out what was wrong. And they will try to solve and forgive you for your deeds. Misunderstanding can be their so don’t have to clear them all the time. When their is a right time you will get the chance to speak. If you are true than other person will value you. Be it today or tomorrow that’s the case your patience only decides how you will shine as a worrier in front of people. Who always have problems. But one thing they also know they could not able to down you if you have that power to shut others mouth up.

Your heart can be big enough but if you don’t clear ,confused or in a doubt don’t forget untill you get sure about it. Because you will not get peace and never justify your actions towards the forgiveness you want to gave them. It will give you peace for few time but you will never get over by this because you still have something inside you which is eating you daily. This is because you don’t take time to solve and think about it and than take a decision. So your heart should be clear with the fact than only you can give peace to others as well as yourself.

Mental health is Still avoided.

I have seen that people are talking about mental health but not following the same. We have to take steps as it is high time to Stop people. From the things which are making them disturb or depressed. I don’t know why people don’t talk about all these things. If they try to talk. why others do not want to understand them. Your small efforts can make their life better. Things could be solved but we don’t want to do it. We just want to focus on society and how they are approaching us. But in that case. We forget what a child wants. We cannot ignore such things. Understand and try to talk about all the things which you feel that they are comfortable to share and make them come out of all this before it is too late.

I have seen a news were a 16 year old boy has suicide. Just because of the mental stress caused by people as their thinking is so backward that the child has to take a major step like this. Please be mature and sensible know the LGBTQ is legal know also you are not accepting them. How can you be so harsh on people just because their preferences don’t match. Why can’t you motivate them and be the reason of their smile. And you can also make them strong and independent. so that they can easily fight for themselves. Everyone has the right to live their life as they want to live. Other do not have right to interfere even though you like or don’t like the same.

But I feel we have that quality that we can accept others as they are. We have also gone through much similar things previously. Your small efforts really matters if you really do something for others. If they don’t know your value still you will be happy because your soul will definitely be happy. I think we should gave chance to our goodness and always appreciated others talent as they are equally same as you are. Who has some different qualities in them. I have seen many people who always gave me motivation and there are people who demotivated and said very bad about me. But today the fact is that I have come a long way and accept the things around me. And gave myself time to live as I want to live. Because all we need is we as worriers. Who can fight from any situation.

Social media effects on people is huge.

You all have seen that we almost waste full day doing nothing just scrolling and waste entire day. Just sitting and grabbing the same information or story which we find daily. Our medium of news is also social networking sites. Which give us information which are surrounded us. We don’t watch television, hear radio or read newspaper and it is fine because all the medium is not really a good source of information. Because every information is manipulated and than reach to us. But still we have many other medium except social media who can gave us a good source of information.

I have seen many who just enjoy reals whole day. And see story of other and enjoy. But they don’t know what they are actually doing. And really don’t know what they want in their life. For a time being it’s fine but you can not make your bad habits continue and play with your career. Because when you look down you will see that your whole time which is gone. Which you could have spend it in a better manner. And once the time is gone you could not able to come back and reschedule it. So take your step wisely so that you can manage both the things and do not waste time on the things which doesn’t matter to you. Our goal should not be surfer just because of our laziness and demotivation. We should follow our passion and dreams for which we are actually living for and our life is only on us. The decision maker are only we not others. And even someone interface please listen to your words.

I really think that we are very mature and sensible person who know what is good and bad for them. Our life is lot more than what we think just we need time to explore them. Entertainment is required but making it your life is not the ultimate goal of your life. You have to make yourself capable of Living in the world. Family is not for life. And after them you all be alone. And suffering alone is more difficult than having a support. So today you have time and support. So use it properly and make yourself stand somewhere so that later you do not feel helpless. Rest is your life and your wish what you want to do in life and how your step will take you to the betterment. As i have already discuss in my previous post that every step of your is counted.

Journey of a metro train.

Have you ever experienced the same. If yes than you will surely realise that on a first we love the pleasure of metro train but slowly and gradually the craze decrease. Because now you know the fact that how the metro work. And if you are daily passenger than to you don’t feel anything new because it is your daily routine to travel. And when you see others who experience it for the first time. You realise few time back you also feel the same but now nothing excites you. And they will also realise after few time that it is nothing but a normal experience one can ever thought about and only enjoying it for a few span will give a pleasure of metro train. But when you get use too this journey will become so big wide.

Firstly we enjoyed the station we enter with excelator or lift. Than checking happens and we have to take tocken or card to take the train where we want to go. Than the journey begins and we get excited and wanted the journey to don’t end. Too soon because know we actually enjoying every bit of it. This is because all the movement is new for us and we want to enjoy every bit of it. But when the journey become daily than the excitement decrease and we feel bore and want the journey to end as know we are bore with our daily routine nothing excites know which earlier give us a pleasure. As our excitement last for sometime because we as a person want to explore more we cannot stick to one for a longer period of time. It just lasted few times. Than all the craziness go away because than we realise that there is nothing new in this journey it’s normal.

You can socialize and see people around you who are least important to see around. They are more interested in their phones and looking around that they do not give any notice to the person around them. As they are least interested in them. Because everyone enjoys their company or they already have someone with them who is giving them the pleasure to stick to the journey and enjoying their company and they don’t give a dam to others. Some are staring as they get the chance to awkward the girl sitting in front of them. Some are reading. And the journey is different for different person. Because their time pass should be there it can be anything as the metro journey is much longer when we think.

Party and enjoying is also a part of life.

I feel, we have to give importance to this section too. Our life is just surrounded by our work and family. But we forget that there is lot more than that.And that is our friends, happiness and enjoyment. You have to gave time to that also. You cannot miss that fun. Because we gets very less time to spend our day like this. These morning comes after a long time. When we actually need our Buddies who will take us far from the things which are making us bounded with. We go to lounge, club, terece and resorts for fun .

But the important thing is that we need our friends who make the party more interesting and fun for us. The craze of party is only come from the friend. We are the one when we are with friends. The journey started with the calls and meeting each other where we decided to meet. Passing comments and teasing each other on the dress or coming late after all the chit chat we decided to go inside . The fun part here is we all have given the responsibility of the entry to only one person who is most responsible one. When the tables are book. Than the menu is decided. But before that hukka and daru is must with a pack of cigarettes. After all this dance to banta hai. Than everyone knows how to dance even a non dancer. With all the drama we need to go back. But our faces are not that cool that we can able to make a eye contact with our parents. This is true and than what we need is the help of someone.

And this situation we think we have to do a night stay. And all we are staying together and helping each other and sleeping wherever we find space. And next morning we realise what actually happened last night. And trying to remember what we were doing and laughing out loud. This is true we got good and sober friends who actually help us save us and make our life easy and experience there part of party. And the non sober one is experiencing another level of joy in the party . But we all our enjoying. We just need to enjoy it doesn’t matter we are sober or non sobber if you happy than its cool. we can enjoy anywhere. Party is for you to relax and enjoy the moment which are giving you joy and happiness. So life should be interesting too. where you can get a experience of lovely people who matters alot in your life. And creating some memorable moments with them make you feel overwhelming and nice. You should love every bit of life as this is mixer of both sweet and sour. And every element plays an important role. So love your life as it is very precious.

Job is a learning experience

Yes, job helps you to grow as an individual you learn many things in a single medium. You cannot imagined that every field has so many things to experience. You can choose any field as your career. And can experience the depth and use of that thing. Basic are just to clear you with elements but when you perform you realise that there is lot more than we thought in this career. Jobs are not at all bad or making you control by others. You are a decission maker and you are the commander. But we don’t know how to use ourselves as a individual that the reason we could not able to sell ourselves in front of our buyers. Here you are a person who are giving your skills and your boss is taking your skill for his work.

You should know the give and take policy. How your skills are very much powerful and expensive. You do not need to bargain or make yourself down with the small offer. Where your skill just used by others. You have to make yourself that much confident and impactful that everyone will take you on the level you want. Because they know that they need you more than you need them. When you will understand this than you easily get the chance to showcase yourself in a better way. It’s not about money but you should know your value at what stage you are. For a beginner who is not skilled or not have any experience than you might get less money or even you are unpaid. But one thing you will definitely get that is experience and learning. Even you are doing for free but you gain alot as a person.

So value yourself. When you will value your abilities other will definitely impressed with you and will gave a require amount for your skills. You should not see jobs as a burden or you are not getting any output from it. If you think so than use yourself there where you can showcase yourself in a better way. Business is not everyone Cup of tea. But job are also not everyone Cup of tea. So your confidence, skills and experience. Gave you that Chance to grow and learn from each and every step you take. And people around you who can actually gave you a great knowledgeable experience in your field and also a lifetime lesson.

Which you grab from the opportunity you get from your work. And even business will not gave you that variation than in job you will become a personality. Where you know how can you showcase. And become a star. It doesn’t matter if you are worker or boss. Your way of talking will easily make others impressed if you have that quality you easily get name fame and success too. Because all we need is recognition. And it doesn’t matter you are small or big all the things are in your hand how to take it too that level. You will get everything if you know how to use it.

Movie theater are open

Yes know you can watch you favourite movie on theatre with your family and friends. But Still we have to follow some norms like Mask and sanitizer are to be there for your safety. You have maintain a distance between each other. And enjoy the day. We see movie in theaters so that we get a chance to eat popcorn and drink cold drink. Because movie is incomplete without all these things. We get a amazing experience to watch movies on a big screen. As television and phone could not provide that experience even we switch off lights and try to make our home as a theatre. But we fail because we could not able to match the screen which a theatre gave us. With all the effects which we cannot see in our home. The quality is more amazing than any other medium.

Not only this we get a outdoor experience and socialize with people and get a chance to see movie with so many people around us. We get a airconditioner or heaters. Which make us more comfortable to watch the movie. The service boy who bring the things to us. We do not have to left our place and can easily watch our movie and order anything we like. We got a interval between the movie so that we can fresh ourselves. That gap help us to do what we want to do before our movie start because when we watch movie we want to see every element of it. We really experience a happy and joy experience. More than movie we discuss movie. What we will happen next and if we know than we want to reveal the suspense.

I personally enjoy movie on theatre because all our expression can be noted when we watching the movie. And others can enjoyed it and make fun. Some are feeling bored so they disturb other. Or they move their chair or move their body and see others and enjoy. Few just chat on mobile with others. Some are recording the movie. And putting story is must and make other jealous or make others excited to watch the movie in theaters. Some can feel sad also because they don’t get a chance to watch on theatre. But they must have seen on their phones or television. The craze of movie has been less because of webseries. But still we miss the big screen which actually stick us till the end of the movie. We have made us edict to phones but few things we only love to watch on theatres. So book your tickets know and enjoy your movie. At first day first show. The craze of seeing movie on same day is more fun and exciting.

Life lessons

We have learn lessons from are childhood. But life lessons are never ever taught they can only be learn from your mistakes. Because our life lessons cannot be explained by others. Even if you want to you can’t as it is your own experience. Even you share with others but they will not connect that much with it. As your life lessons are different from each and every person has a journey and way of watching things. so similarly hear also no one can teach us these life lessons you have to learn and follow them when you realise it.

We all have experience these lessons in the day to day life. And also improve them and try to change our ways. But we still get trouble. Because sometimes we take a right decision but sometimes we faile to choose a correct thing for us. Your maturity is also depends on your life experience. If you think you are mature and knows everything. They are mostly unknown with the world. And those who just stick to themselves and just improve the way they want these type of people knows what is good or bad for them. And also very mature and sensible. And these people had seen more difficult phase of life. And they become strong bring themselves in front of people. As a good speakers.

All are trouble with many situations. And they sometimes know or don’t know the lessons of life. But you get to experience something different from previous. I don’t know but people still behave like a kid. Even though they know the fact that you cannot be like this you have to look mature and sensible.but everyone cannot do the same. Their challenge is different towards life. We have to fight for ourselves. Even as individuals you have to prepare for the challenges this make ourselves ready to fight for us. We all do mistake as there no single man in this world who do not make mistakes. It’s just that we hide from others.but it is of no use that you hide it you have to be clear and Loud so that you can understand and than perform accordingly. I have seen many people who do not learn anything from the lessons and just roaming around here and there. The person should be self independent so that they can easily get a life lessons for basic comman sense. We don’t use it most of the time that why we lie.

Offline system

We can say that the classes are back to offline and children and students are going and trying to settle in the scenarioes. Schools has changed theirs functioning. Students are back with their naughtiness. It is not completely the way we want but still from past 2 year we are bounded at it is better that schools are open and know children can get a good time to spend on studies. I was so much stuck in the house that I could not able to go out. But know we ca easily go out and enjoy a little bit. Things are changing but one thing which not change is mask and sanitizer. We have to use them even we don’t wish to use. We cannot ignore such things as the danger is still there for kids.

I feel we are very lucky that we all have come out and still fighting from the virus. Because we believe that it is very important to be motivated and positive in this situation. Kids are also understanding and following the protocol. We are trying our best to keep distance but as we got a chance to meet our friends and teachers than in the excitement we are forgetting about the COVID. It is still their cases are increasing. We have to make sure that if we are getting the opportunity to go out. Than we should also follow the rules as well. So that we could not come in this situation again. We already have done online work, classes everything was all shifted to home. That was creating more problem than the offline one. We have seen worse. And know we are over with online one we all want to do it offline only.

I really feel good after so many days. I can see that everyone get a chance to interact with each other. And healthy environment is taking place. Not only in school, college but also work space we are involved in the group and the projects. That for a moment i forget that something like this has ever happened as we are all working similarly as we use too. We personally loss someone on our hand. This COVID take away our love ones. But people moving slowly and gradually. And everything is coming back to normal. As we have to deal with time and things. We cannot stop here we have to move on and try to find ways and involved us. We should do activities which can take us away from them. We had learn from this situation at a greater level. As every incident in our life gave us opportunity to learn something out of it. COVID had also realise the importance of family and friends. And what life and death is all about. We all were scared like anything that people got so negative. But thankfully know the situation is light.

FM Radio

The value of FM radio is Still in the form because many people source of information is only radio. The medium is very strong and reliable. The accuracy is good enough for listeners. I love to listen radio. Because it has every type of elements which a medium should have and we often see entertainment, education , information, interaction, content etc. These are comercial and Still people hear because they impact viewer on a large scale.And all the audience are well educated and sensible. Radio are not just for uneducated or poor or old people. They are for everyone kids to youth everyone love to be a part of the Radio.

People make their own thinking on radio but radio is a great medium for youth. To reach out and express ourselves. Many people are connected to the media. And not only me and you who can put their own voice. We have actually got people who never heard or not interested in the radio. But mostly people prefer to listen commercial channel in the outdoor when they do not have internet connection. They rely on radio for their entertainment. And really you feel relax and happy with the little input you get from that medium. Than you actually realise it’s importance. I know the range can be limited but you can find most of the time radio get the access and specially without any thing other than your phone. Even in the car you play radio. So you can see radio is very powerful. Many people today also go for shows so that their voice can be heard by people. That the impact it has on people.

I personally believe radio has great scope than print and television. Because they are mostly boring and same type. But radio can be both boring and interesting at the same time. You will also feel when you listen to radio. Your feelings will automatically connect with the way radio is playing. Music is also a part to relax you. And take you to a melodious ride. And you can get very great vibes. Today people love to hear vibes which they get from the others. Like a connection builder and I too get that Vibes in radio too. Sometimes it felts like a friend. And it has all solutions of my problem and we can connect easily with it. And people really get a good space to say anything which can connect people more with it. Their are no bondation for people when they connect to people they are free to express themselves.

Your every steps counts.

Your life decisions is all depends on your steps. As which decision is right for you will plays a greater impact on your future. So we have to take the steps very patiently. Because your small step will always plays a greater role in your future. And we always make that in our minds and learn from our past mistakes. But still we could not able to do that task. And miserable fail. Because we never plan and never see the situation both the ways. We just see the positive side and forget about the negative impact of that step. And their your decision makes your future good or bad. It’s all depends on you not destiny or God. There are two ways the god give you but the choice is always yours. How you want to do that thing. So all the things happening in your life is on your call and you are responsible. And also you are the one who will come out of it.

Just you need to believe in yourself. That’s it rest all the things automatically will bring a great change in your life. Everything is not planned it’s on you. How you will take that path and change your future. No one is lucky. You are lucky when you believe in yourself and bring a great change in your life. It is difficult but not impossible. The small things will always play a wide role in your life. You all are intelligent and mature people. So you know how things work. Other people are just the part of our life and believing them or not is all upto us. Things still be complicated if you trust or not. Because you have to learn from your mistakes and if you not Learn than how will you grow. so you have to make contacts and believe people for your own sake.

Wherever you go you will see yourself down. But your steps will take you on that path were you will one day get that last stair. And you will never come back on your knees again. That movement will be very far but your every step will always there for your success. And even failure. But one thing you will always learn from your every steps even you succeeded or not. But that steps will always be your own as you have made them for yourself. You will come out and outshine one day. Because you always learn from your past mistakes. And evern if you achieve the target than also you will always remember your steps. From where you have achieved this goel. You cannot forget your steps because they are the only one who actually made you stand here in front of everyone. And speak for yourself. As now you know you as an individual and what you need to do or not is only depends on you not others.

This has cleared your all doubts that you are independent. And nobody has right to interfere and place judgement or tell you better about your life. You are better person who knows you better than others. So don’t rely on anybody for your things. You very much know what you want and need in your life. So understand yourself and all the things will automatically in your favour and every step you will take for your own sake not for other. you play an important role in your life. So every step you take is your own choice as it is your life. And you have the right to live your life as you want to live.

The fruit of patience is sweet.

We have listen this phrase many a times and we also know what it means. But we never applied it in our life. Because we don’t have that patient to wait and watch our results. On the right time of our life. We need Everything immediately because we never made this realise by our parents. That everything we need their is a struggle we cannot get everything so easily. We have to earn it. But parents forget these norms and gave there children everything they want. And these habits do not change with time. It increases as the time passes because know they know they will get anything they want because there parents will gave them at any cost. This practice is wrong because when we try to make them realise at that age they completely take it in opposite ways. And try to create violence and even hurt themselves for such a useless things.

We have to make our children understand the importance of time. They have to learn it at a very young age. So that these things never ever become a drawback for their family. And it’s consequences can be huge. So making them realise this will make you and your child free from so many wrong things. We as a parents want that our child get everything. But in that cases we always forget when they grow up they will never understand the importance of that thing. And they similarly demand for other things. And it will not end here. They can also choices on human being also and that can be very dangerous and harmful for anyone. We have to say no for things where we think that it is really important for our children. Than they might realise that how much the thing cost. And they will understand that why our parents Said no at that time. These thing look small but it’s effect are large. We have seen obsessed and phycho people they all have suffered from the things which had taken place in their past but they never come out of it. Because all the incidence happens in their childhood had placed a greater impact in their life.

Your childhood memories cannot be vanished. Even it is good or bad you can’t forget that moments which were a part of your life. Even if you want to you cannot do it. Because childhood is a growing state of an individual so everything happens in that stage will always be in your mind and soul. So what you have learn and observe at that stage. That will remain with you forever. You think that when the kid will be mature he will understand. But understanding do not come by age or learning. It comes by observing and watching. So what they will see in their childhood they will take that thing as a reality and believe them blindly. And make them clear that all the things will easily get immediately after you say to your parents. But that is not true. we have to understand that everything is not easy to get.

We have to struggle for each and everything. Even for a toy because parents can give you that toy very easily but you will forget it’s importance in your life. So when you get good mark and than you achieve that toy. Than you always remember that you have earn it. By giving your all time to your studies and work hard to achieve that toy. It looks normal but it is not. You can easily see a poor family were the kids get more mature because they have observed there situation and deal with them. Equally sacrifice their childhood just for their family. Whereas a rich kid who had Never seen any situations like this and get everything which they want on hand. Will never understand society and will never fight against with their troubles. Because they never see the harsh time. And they have not struggled for single thing. They all have get everything without even saying. And never ask for the money they spent or need they all will get the money when they needed.

Don’t loose hope even you wish to end.

Believe in yourself as your life is very precious than anything. Difficult time is to make you more strong and independent. Because they want you to deal with any situation. If you get all the things so easily than you will never value the importance of life. So a stom is a part of the life where we have to follow that norm. God is great. Don’t blame them for anything wrong because they are your elders. Who knows what is right and wrong for their children. How to prepare them for the world around them. Today you don’t understand what they want to do as an individual. But later you realise the importance of that time. Because that time only decide your future. Getting away from everything will not make your life easy.

People think leaving everything aside will make them achieve their targets. But they forget that it will not end there it will increase day by day for their family. And even for themselves. Because your soul will never be happy and your spirit will never in peace. Which you badly wanted after your death. And you will just roaming around in the world like an alien. So please never Suicide. Because your body will be dead but your soul will never get its way. There is lot more than exams result, boyfriend/girlfriend, loss of someone, depression,anxiety, etc. You have to live for your family as they are more important than anyone else. You have to be strong and realise that your weakness is your big strengths. And fight against it. With all your dedication and believe in you. We are personalities who can fight with anything which come across our ways. But we could not fight against the smallest dispute which happens and affect us in a bigger way. This is because we loose hope in ourselves and think we are looser and everyone will judge us. Because we are a useless person and we could not able to become as our parents or family, friends, relatives or society want us to be.

It’s ok if you could not achieve that goel. Because you have something different which will definitely make you unique and interesting in front of everyone. But you have to be patient and wait for that movement or time. where all of them will be shocked and you can see that shine in your parents eyes. which you want to see from several years. This will only happen when you will believe in yourself. And just Focus on your dreams and achieve it. And dreams do come true only you have to believe in them. And your capabilities to achieve them. Than noone can able to snatch it even they want to. so make yourself strong and dedicated towards your dreams and you definitely get successful. And your parents will be proud when they see your achievement one day. They will not understand know but when you prove them wrong they realise your skill and appreciate your talent. Wait for that one day. All your downs will automatically become your ups and than you realise the importance of that down fall in your life. And than you always remember your downs than your ups. This is true because that really matters in your life that is why it is there in our life. Everything in your life has a reason you have to fight against it and find out your ways from there.

Your weakness is your big strength.

This is reality your weakness is your big strengths. As they make you fight against many problems which you never imagined. This because you improve and see your weakness and work upon it. And slowly and gradually they become your strength. Where your weakness always be pointed to break you but people don’t know that you not breaking or putting them down but making them more strong and giving them ability to fight against it. The problem of people is to down people but they forget that putting others down will not make them weak but more ability to achieve a target. Because their inner ability will gave them that opportunity to shine.

The gold is always been seen by people as you can easily get or see it’s shine. And can significant the difference in gold or colour. Similarly you can see the strength of people easily and you could not break it. Even you want to compete you cannot achieve what you want. So people Focus on weakness so that you can do what you want to do. Firstly it seriously happens what we want to do but. Slowly and gradually we realised that it not the same we want to do. We make them more strong and independent than previously. They know have the strength to fight against anything. They want to. This is because we see the dimond but it’s shine do not gave us clear judgement as it look ordinary. As a normal stone but when we realised it cost us more than a gold. As dimond is extremely expensive. Than we realised it’s importance. Similarly we see our weakness as a ordinary thing which is useless but we do not see it’s impotance and how it is more powerful and expensive than any other strengths we have that is why we left our flaws in bottom of our heart because we don’t know it’s importance.

We do feel that we should come over our weakness and not allow others to play with it. But unfortunately these things happen and you feel leftover and could not come out. This is because you are broken as they broke your trust and use your weakness as their weapons to distroy you. But they don’t realise that it’s is very much needed as a individual to fight for yourself. When making your weakness as a power to fight against other. And your weakness make you more powerful than your strength. Because you strength will never make you grow. Their could be best thing in others and that target can be achieved . But when your weakness make you fight than you can achieve anything. Because you have learn and earn that by working very hard and fast as that fire is built by other. To make yourself stand in front every one. Even strength are also achieved by hardwork and their also a fire. But both target are different because strength shows your improving the skill you accuare. But weakness is where you don’t accuare that skill but still you prove other wrong.

Love and trust is equally weighted.

Yes it completely true love and trust is equally weighted. Because you love them whom you trusted the most. And they are the only one who breaks your trust and love. We believe in love and than our trust build on other person. But when we broke than our trust and love gets chattered. Because we never expect something like this but it happens. We cannot control these things because these things happen automatically. As we know the fact still we could not get rid of this situation. All this is in emotions based. We cannot control our emotions even we have to because these are natural our anger, crying,etc are all uncontrollable even we want to we could not able to control it.

Loves is expressed and denote as a feeling that other person can connect and hear you without any conversation. And we as a person feel and easily love each other without seeing their background. And love them immensely as they are Everything for you. Your life is incomplete without them. And you as a person could not able to come out of this fever as you cannot see anything even Everything is wrong against them. As your all concentration is only on them and you can see only that person in front of you all the time. You don’t need anyone just them in your life that is the power of love. You can do anything and everything for them at your last breath. It is difficult to forget them. And also forgive them. As your love cannot be explained how much it was and it is irreplaceable. Your love is different for every person. Even you say you love them. But not love them the way you love your other persons like family, friends, relationship etc all the relation is different of every person

Trust is also built when you believe in love. And than it also broken when you deeply get stuck in it. And than you badly come across the real side. And frankly it is not acceptable as we trust someone because we believe in them. And when the trust broke than it coul not believe others who deserves them the most. And we also treat them similar as we were treated. So please be kind and love your Love ones and Never ever break their trust because you will not only loose them but you also go through the same time. Where you will be on there part. The ability to achieve someone love and trust is big thing so do not loose it. If you loose it ones. Than noone will trust you again. That’s the power of love and trust. It can make it and it can distroy l too.

Understand people not judge them.

I know it’s the only things which we do all the time.we just judge them but cannot able to understand there perspective and way of perceiving things. It just that people don’t come out of themselves. That is why they forget people around them who all are very much important and valuable for them. This is the reason why people never understand each other. We have to come out of ourselves. It’s not that you will always be right or other person always be wrong. It’s just the matter of fact that we have to understand and take an opportunity to listen. And than speak if it is needed.

Noone will follow up this. As the first impression is the last impression. If you have make yourself a person who always do things improper than they will see you like that only. Even if you not done anything like that. Just because of small misunderstanding people use to broke their relationship. I know people are not good around us but simply blame and out spoke without any reason. Is not at all a right thing. Which we always do in our ego and judge them the way we want to. But what they are we are unknown with that fact. So try to see the other side of the situation because after that you will always be repent. This is the fact and people always go through this situation and never come out of it. Because of their ego they take a decision and know they don’t know how to apologise for the same.

I personally believe don’t make yourself force on people. Because you will never be appreciated by them even you do lot for them. You are special and if anyone don’t know how to respect or appreciate you. Than just move on. Because they are not capable of your love and support. Because if they never understand you than they could never feel your emotions. And value your importance in their life. We can just try to solve things. But if the other person is not ready to do the same. Than just move ahead. Because wasting your time there is your own loss. Only few people tackle and solve the problem. And rest are completely move on in their life. And the reason is they don’t want to solve or just remain in their ego. Every relationship start on understanding and trust if you don’t do that than its completely fine to rid of that relationship. Many try to solve but brutally fail in convincing. So it’s better to leave everything aside and focuss on yourself or other things which are more valuable than anything.

How can we learn and earn easily from internet.

Today we can learn things more easily and quickly. Than we use to learn with earlier pattern. Teaching is same but lifestyle and medium has changed everyone is taking advantage of the mediums. We can easily get to know many things. Even if you not studied that much. In today’s world most important things are skills than degree.If you have that skill you will get the job. And this all can be achieved by internet. People are dependent on gadgets. They will use it for their purpose but they do not use it in effective way. We have so many interesting things to do like Photoshop, editing tools, video editors, etc. Where you can learn so much. And can earn easily from that medium. Not only this there are many more things on internet which can help you to do something amazing and out of the box or what you want to explore as an individual. There are every type of option so that you can easily do so. We are educated and we can take a great advantage and this type of earning can also add a great value or experience which you will never do it in other ways. If you do than also you cannot achieve that Target.

If you see around you will find how many people are earning with the simple tool called internet. They just have to do there work with the help of internet. They all have achieved the success just watching and learning from the internet. Internet is vast so it has many things to do but we do not use it with full potential. If we know how to use and earn from the medium than everyone can achieve the target. We all are unknown with the fact. But all is our around just we have to focus on it and learn something which help you to earn. You have to find your skill which you can showcase and can earn out of it. It is very much easy only you need patience and time to understand the work process and if you get that than you will able to do that very easily. Learning and earning from same medium will take nothing only your skill and time. To gave away something which is in you but we’re unknown with the same. That can only be done when you explore more and find a thing related to your interest and fully focus on it. As only interest will not help you out. You have to work hard for the same.

I believe everyone has different talents and scope to do but people are very lazy. And other take advantage of it. If you make yourself active on social media and waste your entire day. Than you also be productive at the same time by learning and utilising your skill and earn out of it. Initially you will not get much but as you slowly move and achieve a target than you get a huge amount and you also get popularity and fame which will be a bonus. Connection will increase and your skill will reach out to many people. It’s the best way to come out as an individual. But even we have come a long way people still believe in the same process which they use to do for earning. Even people earn from their Money that is the power of internet. That you get to earn something. But we are still fear with the medium and loose all our hopes. Because we do not want to take any risk. But if you don’t take risk than how will you find your worth. That why we do not achieve our target because we do not have strengths to fight for it.

How jobless people find work in business ?

With job
Without job

As you can see the above picture which shows that when a person employed in the company. Than his work is different and when they got unemployed than his passion speaks for there work. And find other way to survive. So if you are jobless never mind. You can find a way in your other craft which is very much close to you and people also appreciate it. This will not only make you financial stable. But also you get the opportunity to do something creative and different from the earlier things. Which you might have been doing as passion. But know you get the chance to showcase it in front of people. Most of them would have been unknown about the same as you are.

I have seen a couple who was earlier employed in the company. But they was not satisfied with their jobs. So they find their work in those things which they liked the most and that thing was to make food. They were so innovative and creative in the work that they decided to quit their job. And open their own business as a food wender. So they first test on people whether they would liked it or not and the mission was successful. And they do what they said they leave their job and start up their own business. And it is really a successful experience and they love to serve people and enjoy cooking. Their unique talents gave them a different experience in the field of business. It was not at all easy for them to quit their jobs. But their passion towards their food is very much that they took the risk and played it well.

I feel everyone should follow up their dreams. And try to do something even you don’t have anything. Because you never know which thing will make your career in the field. We are very much unknown with our talents sometimes and think that what we are doing was great for our survival. But sometimes God gave you the opportunity to explore more in you as an individual. Because there is a alot which is hidden inside you. But you have to figure it out. only than you can come out of your comfort zone. And it is really important for you to find it as soon as possible. As it will gave you a great experience. You will learn more as an individual.

Bappi Lahiri is no more.

It was a shock for everyone as Bappi Lahiri was know as a great singer. But more than that he was famous for his gold jewellery which they wore. But on Tuesday he was died. He was in the hospital for his treatment for a month. But on Monday he was discharged. But his condition was not well on Tuesday. He was taken to the hospital. He was suffering from many health issues which the doctor find. The cause of his death was obstructive sleep apnea.

Health issues are also increasing and many people are dieing. Even lata mangeshkar was also died because of health issues. We have to be careful with the things as COVID still is our part. And we have to fight from it only after when we take care of our healths. Because it is necessary to be careful for each and everything. Hope we will cover this part and move ahead with positive sign.

I feel people are taking things lightly. But the things are still critical. So we have to be safe when we are around People as it is for our safety only. And we can only protect us when we follow the precautions. Mask and sanitizer are must. We have to make distance as much as possible. And contact less. Because all we have to safe ourselves from others. Take required diet and medicine if required. If you feel ill or cough frequently so take a test and corintine yourself. Wash you hands whenever you make a contact. These small things are very much needed. And will play a wide role in decreasing the cases. The amount is good we can see how we are getting a positive side of this after a very long time.

Mysterious death of deep sidhu ?

On Tuesday a known Punjabi actor deep sidhu was died in a car accident. He was with his American friend and the driver. They were on the way and the car was moving in the speed of 100 to 110 and it hit by a truck. The people who were ther are saying that it is an accident but deep sidhu friends are not convinced as they think that it’s a planned murder. As the car was not found on the exact location. If all is accident than why the car is not there at the location. Yusuf was the person who saw the accident as he was also driving at a speed of 80. And he was the one who saw the accident and help them out he firstly took the friend out of the car. Than he could not able to manage to get out deep sidhu alone so he brings more person for help than 10 people take him out. Than they don’t know the no of ambulance. So they try at the no 112. And tell about the accident an ambulance come and after that police was also called. They took the friend statement she told that she landed today only and when the accident happened she was sleeping. Police also find the licker bottle half empty so all the case is grounded that deep sidhu drink licker. But the family is not believing know police is in the wait of postmortem and than they will get to know whether he was drinking or not.

You can imagine how prominent personalities are dragged in the mysterious death as you had seen in the sushant and many more actor who’s deaths are still a mystery till today. Why only they are targeted. The lifestyle we think these celebrities have their is also the chances of more threat and loneliness. Because these incidents are so common that everyone is in shock why these things are happening whith them only. The reasons are many but what exactly is no one knows as we know the industry. And every entertainment industry is not only involved in the matter but polititions are also not less they all have their plans to take advantage and use their money and power and killing people.

I personally don’t know who he is or what all scam he has done. Which case he was involved. He was hiding with the police and who want to take advantage of the right time to execute their task. But I can say something fishy and big is their in all the matter. Because stories are different but the mystery is same. They know how to close the chapter but they don’t know who all are involved. Just because they have that power. But can you imagine the families which go through a lot of mental and society pressure. They even don’t know how their member is dead. This is all a big game so we should stay away from it. Because this is happening from the Years but media do not highlights much that time. Know media has power and highlight all the news easily. And also gain money from the news directly or indirectly. So these are name game. All we need to stay away as an individual. Because as we go more and more inside the game.we see only dark side and we cannot be negative all the time so stay positive and do well.

how to start your own start up

start up is all depends on our choices and desires. As what we want to do and how we will reach out to our goals and this all has been in my mind everytime I thought. I use to think about it but no one actually believe it. But today you all have to believe as I have a real story of a girl who started her Start up as the way I explained to you all. But in a interesting and relatable manner. You will find it very beneficial because I also find it difficult to put the first step out. But her story make me realise that all is around us. We just have see and go with the flow destiny will take you to the roller coaster ride. Which you never imagined. It all depends on your art and work.

So she is a girl who was very shy when she a small kid. But suddenly a span of time she changed and know she is chatterbox. Her choices changes as she grow but still she don’t know exactly what she want to do. She was good in drawing. She hates maths as she score always less marks in it. She also don’t like science because of a incident happened in the school where she have to make the sprouts of the seed but she all mixed up and she could not get a single sprout but she managed to get them from her classmates. But from there she loose hopes in science.she thought to become drawing teacher as it is the simplest job but than she realised that the salary is very less and she could not manage in that. She also thought of doing journalism as her father was fond of anchor but than she realised we have to first write script. She wants to take arts as she take interest in it but unfortunately she has to take commerce she managed to pass but she want to do arts so she took an admission in ba for college and studied.

But she want to do something creative in the free time after study so she started making videos which was she performed earlier as well in school and home. And always appreciated. But it doesn’t affect her as she thought it’s normal. So as a fun and interest she just make videos and upload it. And process was repeated. Till when her one video gets viral and it spread all in the college and the family. Than she realised that her followers have increased and loved her performance. Than also she was just want to cross 10k for the button. And slowly and gradually the number increases as she started uploading on a regular bases. And one day she got an offer for show. Firstly she don’t convince but than she realised it’s real. And she move to Mumbai and do the show from their her contact increase. She got one more show. But it is not an end. The journey is much more a 20 year old girl who actually don’t think what to do she atlast thought that she will become a banker because her mom wish. But her talent reach her out in the different platforms where she never thought that she could earn as well. So never ever do what people say or the things you don’t want to do just listen to your desire and passion your destiny will take you toward your dreams. To start something is very difficulty but when you achieve something out of it you will realise it’s worth.

Biography of a business woman kalpana saroj

An inspirational woman kalpana saroj is the ladie. Who has earn her reputation and self respect. Which she might loose because of her past incidents. As she was a dalit and belongs to a very poor family. Where she was not allowed to study. As she was a girl child and even she got married so yearly at the age of 12. The problem still not end. It was the start her struggle was much more. She was trapped in domestic violence where her in-laws brutally beats her. For small things and blame her family for her condition. But her father come out as a saviour who understand and save her from her in laws. But that was not the end. Society blame his father and her for the things as their noms are against what they did. But her father wanted her to continue her studies but society did not allowed her for such act because it was restricted because she is a girl.

Is being a girl is a crime? Than why always society want the woman to be like what they want them to be. They are very much strong and independent that they can able to survive on their own. And this the spirit which kalpana saroj got when she realised that she have to live she cannot die just because of the society pressure. She have to prove them wrong and bring her self in front of people as a worrier. So she thought to shift to Mumbai. When she reach their she started working in a mill and from their her journey started she earn 2 ruppes a day and 60 in a month. Than she decided to start her own business so she took a loan. And build a boutique. And also employees people who need the job for the living. Than she also gave away building of the person who have been claiming their rights on them. She also become a brocker. But as she was a woman many people do not like it and try to step her down. And also trying to kill her. But she got to know their actions before hand and she complaint it to police officer. And they arrested them. They try to gave her protection. But she refused. Instead she requested to gave her lisence for revolver so that she could handle herself. And they do the same.

And know she is a entrepreneur who actually self-made woman and know she is the owner of 2000 crore empire which she has made own her own. By finding her way out from a dark phase to a good communicator who was not educated. She is just 9 grade pass after than she could not continue her studies. But still she becomes a queen of business. Me and you can also do the same just we need that passion and craze for the work than we can also become a personality which we desire for just focus and believe in yourself rest is destiny. And your work will speak for yourself. As your work will only bring your image in front of people.

why 14 February is a black day for India

February 14 is known as a black day for India as the country had lost 40 Bravest officers back in 2019. On February 14, 2019, a suicide bomber of the Pakistan-based Jaish-e-Mohammed terror group had attacked in the Pulwama district of Jammu and Kashmir.The suicide bomber was a 22-year-old.

The terrorism between the Pakistan and Hindus had never end war. But why only the pulwama attacked being so highlighted. And why it is called as a Black day for India. I know these thoughts are coming in your mind. The pulwama attached was on a large scale and this time our army soldiers died in number and the whole attack was planned by Pakistan themselves and Indian army and Indian people were unknown with the fact that this type of terrorism is going to place. And our indian army was not prepared for that attack. This is the reason why 14 February is known as a Black day for India. Because we were not atall prepare for such loss at that stake.

And this huge loss made our day black. And we still feel bad and sad about the event which was taken place back in 2019. In October 2020, in a shocking admission, a senior Pakistani Minister admitted that Pakistan was responsible for the Pulwama terrorist attack in India. When this news comes than all india was shattered that Pakistan is shamelessly claiming the fact. And we are still not come out of it. We always try to resolve the problem but Pakistan has always been making this type of stunts to hamper us in a large scale.

Pakistan will alway ruined our reputation as they always have a problem with India. And this dispute can never be resolved just because of partition and the Jammu and Kashmir distribution. This war has no end and everyone will suffer be it India or Pakistan.

I hope we get a ray and we can fight back against the wrong practices which are taking place and outshine as a individual country who know how to give back to our rivals. In a most decent and logical way. We cannot stick to the quote fire for fire. We have to fight back but in a correct way.

14 February valentine’s day

what is valentine’s day? Have you guys ever thought it’s just for the couples or its more than that. If you ask me than I would probably say that it’s more than that. It’s the symbol of love. we cannot define the love for our love ones because it’s very precious and cannot be explained in words we can only express in the way we want and it’s not just for teens or the couples but this day is for our precious one and that could be anyone. To whom we actually thankful and grateful that they are the part of our life. And they are the one who actually love us. They can be friends, family, and partner who actually being our part. This day is just to be kind and generous towards their love from several years. They are pouring to you and expecting nothing out of it.

That is selfless love for anyone because atlast they want you to be happy and stay forever in their life. As their life is incomplete without you. You are a special person in their life. Gifts are the symbol of love and happiness. Which make your love towards them more strong and realise the importance of them in your life. We usually don’t see their love and concern but when you realise their importance than you showcase it in the form of gifts. We just want to make them realise that how you are important in their life.

Saint valentine is the one who make people realise the importance of love. It is not for the couples but also the one who actually being our part of life who always loved us. He also went jail due to his love theory but still his power of love has made people realise the importance of love towards people is very much needed. Even children are also gifted because they are the symbol of love. The love cannot be distributed it only being expressed.

I hope know we know the meaning of valentine as this is the only symbol of love and happiness and it cannot be divided just expressed in your own way.