Mysterious death of deep sidhu ?

On Tuesday a known Punjabi actor deep sidhu was died in a car accident. He was with his American friend and the driver. They were on the way and the car was moving in the speed of 100 to 110 and it hit by a truck. The people who were ther are saying that it is an accident but deep sidhu friends are not convinced as they think that it’s a planned murder. As the car was not found on the exact location. If all is accident than why the car is not there at the location. Yusuf was the person who saw the accident as he was also driving at a speed of 80. And he was the one who saw the accident and help them out he firstly took the friend out of the car. Than he could not able to manage to get out deep sidhu alone so he brings more person for help than 10 people take him out. Than they don’t know the no of ambulance. So they try at the no 112. And tell about the accident an ambulance come and after that police was also called. They took the friend statement she told that she landed today only and when the accident happened she was sleeping. Police also find the licker bottle half empty so all the case is grounded that deep sidhu drink licker. But the family is not believing know police is in the wait of postmortem and than they will get to know whether he was drinking or not.

You can imagine how prominent personalities are dragged in the mysterious death as you had seen in the sushant and many more actor who’s deaths are still a mystery till today. Why only they are targeted. The lifestyle we think these celebrities have their is also the chances of more threat and loneliness. Because these incidents are so common that everyone is in shock why these things are happening whith them only. The reasons are many but what exactly is no one knows as we know the industry. And every entertainment industry is not only involved in the matter but polititions are also not less they all have their plans to take advantage and use their money and power and killing people.

I personally don’t know who he is or what all scam he has done. Which case he was involved. He was hiding with the police and who want to take advantage of the right time to execute their task. But I can say something fishy and big is their in all the matter. Because stories are different but the mystery is same. They know how to close the chapter but they don’t know who all are involved. Just because they have that power. But can you imagine the families which go through a lot of mental and society pressure. They even don’t know how their member is dead. This is all a big game so we should stay away from it. Because this is happening from the Years but media do not highlights much that time. Know media has power and highlight all the news easily. And also gain money from the news directly or indirectly. So these are name game. All we need to stay away as an individual. Because as we go more and more inside the game.we see only dark side and we cannot be negative all the time so stay positive and do well.