Bappi Lahiri is no more.

It was a shock for everyone as Bappi Lahiri was know as a great singer. But more than that he was famous for his gold jewellery which they wore. But on Tuesday he was died. He was in the hospital for his treatment for a month. But on Monday he was discharged. But his condition was not well on Tuesday. He was taken to the hospital. He was suffering from many health issues which the doctor find. The cause of his death was obstructive sleep apnea.

Health issues are also increasing and many people are dieing. Even lata mangeshkar was also died because of health issues. We have to be careful with the things as COVID still is our part. And we have to fight from it only after when we take care of our healths. Because it is necessary to be careful for each and everything. Hope we will cover this part and move ahead with positive sign.

I feel people are taking things lightly. But the things are still critical. So we have to be safe when we are around People as it is for our safety only. And we can only protect us when we follow the precautions. Mask and sanitizer are must. We have to make distance as much as possible. And contact less. Because all we have to safe ourselves from others. Take required diet and medicine if required. If you feel ill or cough frequently so take a test and corintine yourself. Wash you hands whenever you make a contact. These small things are very much needed. And will play a wide role in decreasing the cases. The amount is good we can see how we are getting a positive side of this after a very long time.