How jobless people find work in business ?

With job
Without job

As you can see the above picture which shows that when a person employed in the company. Than his work is different and when they got unemployed than his passion speaks for there work. And find other way to survive. So if you are jobless never mind. You can find a way in your other craft which is very much close to you and people also appreciate it. This will not only make you financial stable. But also you get the opportunity to do something creative and different from the earlier things. Which you might have been doing as passion. But know you get the chance to showcase it in front of people. Most of them would have been unknown about the same as you are.

I have seen a couple who was earlier employed in the company. But they was not satisfied with their jobs. So they find their work in those things which they liked the most and that thing was to make food. They were so innovative and creative in the work that they decided to quit their job. And open their own business as a food wender. So they first test on people whether they would liked it or not and the mission was successful. And they do what they said they leave their job and start up their own business. And it is really a successful experience and they love to serve people and enjoy cooking. Their unique talents gave them a different experience in the field of business. It was not at all easy for them to quit their jobs. But their passion towards their food is very much that they took the risk and played it well.

I feel everyone should follow up their dreams. And try to do something even you don’t have anything. Because you never know which thing will make your career in the field. We are very much unknown with our talents sometimes and think that what we are doing was great for our survival. But sometimes God gave you the opportunity to explore more in you as an individual. Because there is a alot which is hidden inside you. But you have to figure it out. only than you can come out of your comfort zone. And it is really important for you to find it as soon as possible. As it will gave you a great experience. You will learn more as an individual.