Why old age homes ?

We can see as our society is becoming nuclear more old age homes are increasing you parents and family members are very much important you are also their life. And if you do such things like leaving them alone. And gaving them a life they do not accepted. I feel very sorry for those parents. We as a child is very brutal if we think so. Even you are busy that doesn’t gave you right to leave them your other family is also living than why not them. And from a childhood we have seen everyone around than why are children do not have right to live with their grandparents. And why they do not have right to live with their grandchildren.

I always wanted to do something for my family only. Because they are giving me immense love and making me strong and independent. So that I can fight for myself and achieve something which is more important and valuable in my life. All you need is love and support and encouragement. And these all are not given by anyone expect parents. When they are with you when you needed them most than why they you can’t be there part when they needed you the most. It is not give and take process but it is the love for each other which make your bond and build a connection between you both. When you realise each other pain and also be part of it. Than you definitely got to know what you are doing to them. Time can heal everything this quote is true’ but you will definitely suffer alot when you realise the importance of family and when you needed them the most they will be gone very far.

Do not make such mistakes as you are the future and we know the life is tough but we can solve it together than leaving each other in the middle and continue. In that case if we win also than also you will be not happy and complete because you other members are not there with you to celebrate the joy and happiness with you. Unity has always been a drawback in our country but why we all are same but still we do not trust each other but we can trust those whom we don’t know and believe what they said but it is actually right that we loose someone special just because of a misunderstanding. And who are not important giving them more importance.