Your every steps counts.

Your life decisions is all depends on your steps. As which decision is right for you will plays a greater impact on your future. So we have to take the steps very patiently. Because your small step will always plays a greater role in your future. And we always make that in our minds and learn from our past mistakes. But still we could not able to do that task. And miserable fail. Because we never plan and never see the situation both the ways. We just see the positive side and forget about the negative impact of that step. And their your decision makes your future good or bad. It’s all depends on you not destiny or God. There are two ways the god give you but the choice is always yours. How you want to do that thing. So all the things happening in your life is on your call and you are responsible. And also you are the one who will come out of it.

Just you need to believe in yourself. That’s it rest all the things automatically will bring a great change in your life. Everything is not planned it’s on you. How you will take that path and change your future. No one is lucky. You are lucky when you believe in yourself and bring a great change in your life. It is difficult but not impossible. The small things will always play a wide role in your life. You all are intelligent and mature people. So you know how things work. Other people are just the part of our life and believing them or not is all upto us. Things still be complicated if you trust or not. Because you have to learn from your mistakes and if you not Learn than how will you grow. so you have to make contacts and believe people for your own sake.

Wherever you go you will see yourself down. But your steps will take you on that path were you will one day get that last stair. And you will never come back on your knees again. That movement will be very far but your every step will always there for your success. And even failure. But one thing you will always learn from your every steps even you succeeded or not. But that steps will always be your own as you have made them for yourself. You will come out and outshine one day. Because you always learn from your past mistakes. And evern if you achieve the target than also you will always remember your steps. From where you have achieved this goel. You cannot forget your steps because they are the only one who actually made you stand here in front of everyone. And speak for yourself. As now you know you as an individual and what you need to do or not is only depends on you not others.

This has cleared your all doubts that you are independent. And nobody has right to interfere and place judgement or tell you better about your life. You are better person who knows you better than others. So don’t rely on anybody for your things. You very much know what you want and need in your life. So understand yourself and all the things will automatically in your favour and every step you will take for your own sake not for other. you play an important role in your life. So every step you take is your own choice as it is your life. And you have the right to live your life as you want to live.