how to start your own start up

start up is all depends on our choices and desires. As what we want to do and how we will reach out to our goals and this all has been in my mind everytime I thought. I use to think about it but no one actually believe it. But today you all have to believe as I have a real story of a girl who started her Start up as the way I explained to you all. But in a interesting and relatable manner. You will find it very beneficial because I also find it difficult to put the first step out. But her story make me realise that all is around us. We just have see and go with the flow destiny will take you to the roller coaster ride. Which you never imagined. It all depends on your art and work.

So she is a girl who was very shy when she a small kid. But suddenly a span of time she changed and know she is chatterbox. Her choices changes as she grow but still she don’t know exactly what she want to do. She was good in drawing. She hates maths as she score always less marks in it. She also don’t like science because of a incident happened in the school where she have to make the sprouts of the seed but she all mixed up and she could not get a single sprout but she managed to get them from her classmates. But from there she loose hopes in science.she thought to become drawing teacher as it is the simplest job but than she realised that the salary is very less and she could not manage in that. She also thought of doing journalism as her father was fond of anchor but than she realised we have to first write script. She wants to take arts as she take interest in it but unfortunately she has to take commerce she managed to pass but she want to do arts so she took an admission in ba for college and studied.

But she want to do something creative in the free time after study so she started making videos which was she performed earlier as well in school and home. And always appreciated. But it doesn’t affect her as she thought it’s normal. So as a fun and interest she just make videos and upload it. And process was repeated. Till when her one video gets viral and it spread all in the college and the family. Than she realised that her followers have increased and loved her performance. Than also she was just want to cross 10k for the button. And slowly and gradually the number increases as she started uploading on a regular bases. And one day she got an offer for show. Firstly she don’t convince but than she realised it’s real. And she move to Mumbai and do the show from their her contact increase. She got one more show. But it is not an end. The journey is much more a 20 year old girl who actually don’t think what to do she atlast thought that she will become a banker because her mom wish. But her talent reach her out in the different platforms where she never thought that she could earn as well. So never ever do what people say or the things you don’t want to do just listen to your desire and passion your destiny will take you toward your dreams. To start something is very difficulty but when you achieve something out of it you will realise it’s worth.