The fruit of patience is sweet.

We have listen this phrase many a times and we also know what it means. But we never applied it in our life. Because we don’t have that patient to wait and watch our results. On the right time of our life. We need Everything immediately because we never made this realise by our parents. That everything we need their is a struggle we cannot get everything so easily. We have to earn it. But parents forget these norms and gave there children everything they want. And these habits do not change with time. It increases as the time passes because know they know they will get anything they want because there parents will gave them at any cost. This practice is wrong because when we try to make them realise at that age they completely take it in opposite ways. And try to create violence and even hurt themselves for such a useless things.

We have to make our children understand the importance of time. They have to learn it at a very young age. So that these things never ever become a drawback for their family. And it’s consequences can be huge. So making them realise this will make you and your child free from so many wrong things. We as a parents want that our child get everything. But in that cases we always forget when they grow up they will never understand the importance of that thing. And they similarly demand for other things. And it will not end here. They can also choices on human being also and that can be very dangerous and harmful for anyone. We have to say no for things where we think that it is really important for our children. Than they might realise that how much the thing cost. And they will understand that why our parents Said no at that time. These thing look small but it’s effect are large. We have seen obsessed and phycho people they all have suffered from the things which had taken place in their past but they never come out of it. Because all the incidence happens in their childhood had placed a greater impact in their life.

Your childhood memories cannot be vanished. Even it is good or bad you can’t forget that moments which were a part of your life. Even if you want to you cannot do it. Because childhood is a growing state of an individual so everything happens in that stage will always be in your mind and soul. So what you have learn and observe at that stage. That will remain with you forever. You think that when the kid will be mature he will understand. But understanding do not come by age or learning. It comes by observing and watching. So what they will see in their childhood they will take that thing as a reality and believe them blindly. And make them clear that all the things will easily get immediately after you say to your parents. But that is not true. we have to understand that everything is not easy to get.

We have to struggle for each and everything. Even for a toy because parents can give you that toy very easily but you will forget it’s importance in your life. So when you get good mark and than you achieve that toy. Than you always remember that you have earn it. By giving your all time to your studies and work hard to achieve that toy. It looks normal but it is not. You can easily see a poor family were the kids get more mature because they have observed there situation and deal with them. Equally sacrifice their childhood just for their family. Whereas a rich kid who had Never seen any situations like this and get everything which they want on hand. Will never understand society and will never fight against with their troubles. Because they never see the harsh time. And they have not struggled for single thing. They all have get everything without even saying. And never ask for the money they spent or need they all will get the money when they needed.