Another Anime Review


Quiet after watching Death note I actually didn’t have any anime to watch so searched in google in order to get some recommendation on some goo anime’s. I actually wanted to watch a horror anime, so I got some recommendation from google such as Tokyo ghoul, Parasite and Another. When I read the summary of Another I actually was very much amused by the story so I started watching it. I really liked it and I was so thrilled by watching it that it was very scary.

So the story of Another actually starts from a place called yomiyama where a new guy called kouichi transfers and attends the yomiyama school at the 9th grade class 3. This 9th grade class 3 has its own speciality. The actual starts in the year 1972 where a boy called misaki who was quiet popular in his class died suddenly and everyone so demised by this situation in the classroom started believing that misaki is still alive and when the 1972 batch graduated they even kept an extra seat for the dead guy misaki, this is actually considered to be a trigger for the curse started by the 1972 batch. From the next year onwards students started dying because of this trigger. To stop all this situation some counter measures were taken because there was an extra student in the classroom and the students are not able to find out who this extra student and because of this extra person other students were dying. The actual story starts in the 1997 due to transfer of the extra student kouichi. In this particular year the students actually made a girl called mei as an non existent student. And kouichi decides to stop this curse by sending the dead back to dead.

I must tell you this is a must watch anime if you are an actual horror anime lover. There will be a lot of events with a lot of trigger warning. so watch it at your own risk. This anime while I was watching kind of made me think of final destination as we can see that one by one people die due to a trigger. That’s actually something happens in another anime as well. If you are a fan of horror’s this is a must watch anime for sure.