Life lessons

We have learn lessons from are childhood. But life lessons are never ever taught they can only be learn from your mistakes. Because our life lessons cannot be explained by others. Even if you want to you can’t as it is your own experience. Even you share with others but they will not connect that much with it. As your life lessons are different from each and every person has a journey and way of watching things. so similarly hear also no one can teach us these life lessons you have to learn and follow them when you realise it.

We all have experience these lessons in the day to day life. And also improve them and try to change our ways. But we still get trouble. Because sometimes we take a right decision but sometimes we faile to choose a correct thing for us. Your maturity is also depends on your life experience. If you think you are mature and knows everything. They are mostly unknown with the world. And those who just stick to themselves and just improve the way they want these type of people knows what is good or bad for them. And also very mature and sensible. And these people had seen more difficult phase of life. And they become strong bring themselves in front of people. As a good speakers.

All are trouble with many situations. And they sometimes know or don’t know the lessons of life. But you get to experience something different from previous. I don’t know but people still behave like a kid. Even though they know the fact that you cannot be like this you have to look mature and sensible.but everyone cannot do the same. Their challenge is different towards life. We have to fight for ourselves. Even as individuals you have to prepare for the challenges this make ourselves ready to fight for us. We all do mistake as there no single man in this world who do not make mistakes. It’s just that we hide from others.but it is of no use that you hide it you have to be clear and Loud so that you can understand and than perform accordingly. I have seen many people who do not learn anything from the lessons and just roaming around here and there. The person should be self independent so that they can easily get a life lessons for basic comman sense. We don’t use it most of the time that why we lie.