Your weakness is your big strength.

This is reality your weakness is your big strengths. As they make you fight against many problems which you never imagined. This because you improve and see your weakness and work upon it. And slowly and gradually they become your strength. Where your weakness always be pointed to break you but people don’t know that you not breaking or putting them down but making them more strong and giving them ability to fight against it. The problem of people is to down people but they forget that putting others down will not make them weak but more ability to achieve a target. Because their inner ability will gave them that opportunity to shine.

The gold is always been seen by people as you can easily get or see it’s shine. And can significant the difference in gold or colour. Similarly you can see the strength of people easily and you could not break it. Even you want to compete you cannot achieve what you want. So people Focus on weakness so that you can do what you want to do. Firstly it seriously happens what we want to do but. Slowly and gradually we realised that it not the same we want to do. We make them more strong and independent than previously. They know have the strength to fight against anything. They want to. This is because we see the dimond but it’s shine do not gave us clear judgement as it look ordinary. As a normal stone but when we realised it cost us more than a gold. As dimond is extremely expensive. Than we realised it’s importance. Similarly we see our weakness as a ordinary thing which is useless but we do not see it’s impotance and how it is more powerful and expensive than any other strengths we have that is why we left our flaws in bottom of our heart because we don’t know it’s importance.

We do feel that we should come over our weakness and not allow others to play with it. But unfortunately these things happen and you feel leftover and could not come out. This is because you are broken as they broke your trust and use your weakness as their weapons to distroy you. But they don’t realise that it’s is very much needed as a individual to fight for yourself. When making your weakness as a power to fight against other. And your weakness make you more powerful than your strength. Because you strength will never make you grow. Their could be best thing in others and that target can be achieved . But when your weakness make you fight than you can achieve anything. Because you have learn and earn that by working very hard and fast as that fire is built by other. To make yourself stand in front every one. Even strength are also achieved by hardwork and their also a fire. But both target are different because strength shows your improving the skill you accuare. But weakness is where you don’t accuare that skill but still you prove other wrong.