Don’t loose hope even you wish to end.

Believe in yourself as your life is very precious than anything. Difficult time is to make you more strong and independent. Because they want you to deal with any situation. If you get all the things so easily than you will never value the importance of life. So a stom is a part of the life where we have to follow that norm. God is great. Don’t blame them for anything wrong because they are your elders. Who knows what is right and wrong for their children. How to prepare them for the world around them. Today you don’t understand what they want to do as an individual. But later you realise the importance of that time. Because that time only decide your future. Getting away from everything will not make your life easy.

People think leaving everything aside will make them achieve their targets. But they forget that it will not end there it will increase day by day for their family. And even for themselves. Because your soul will never be happy and your spirit will never in peace. Which you badly wanted after your death. And you will just roaming around in the world like an alien. So please never Suicide. Because your body will be dead but your soul will never get its way. There is lot more than exams result, boyfriend/girlfriend, loss of someone, depression,anxiety, etc. You have to live for your family as they are more important than anyone else. You have to be strong and realise that your weakness is your big strengths. And fight against it. With all your dedication and believe in you. We are personalities who can fight with anything which come across our ways. But we could not fight against the smallest dispute which happens and affect us in a bigger way. This is because we loose hope in ourselves and think we are looser and everyone will judge us. Because we are a useless person and we could not able to become as our parents or family, friends, relatives or society want us to be.

It’s ok if you could not achieve that goel. Because you have something different which will definitely make you unique and interesting in front of everyone. But you have to be patient and wait for that movement or time. where all of them will be shocked and you can see that shine in your parents eyes. which you want to see from several years. This will only happen when you will believe in yourself. And just Focus on your dreams and achieve it. And dreams do come true only you have to believe in them. And your capabilities to achieve them. Than noone can able to snatch it even they want to. so make yourself strong and dedicated towards your dreams and you definitely get successful. And your parents will be proud when they see your achievement one day. They will not understand know but when you prove them wrong they realise your skill and appreciate your talent. Wait for that one day. All your downs will automatically become your ups and than you realise the importance of that down fall in your life. And than you always remember your downs than your ups. This is true because that really matters in your life that is why it is there in our life. Everything in your life has a reason you have to fight against it and find out your ways from there.