Understand people not judge them.

I know it’s the only things which we do all the time.we just judge them but cannot able to understand there perspective and way of perceiving things. It just that people don’t come out of themselves. That is why they forget people around them who all are very much important and valuable for them. This is the reason why people never understand each other. We have to come out of ourselves. It’s not that you will always be right or other person always be wrong. It’s just the matter of fact that we have to understand and take an opportunity to listen. And than speak if it is needed.

Noone will follow up this. As the first impression is the last impression. If you have make yourself a person who always do things improper than they will see you like that only. Even if you not done anything like that. Just because of small misunderstanding people use to broke their relationship. I know people are not good around us but simply blame and out spoke without any reason. Is not at all a right thing. Which we always do in our ego and judge them the way we want to. But what they are we are unknown with that fact. So try to see the other side of the situation because after that you will always be repent. This is the fact and people always go through this situation and never come out of it. Because of their ego they take a decision and know they don’t know how to apologise for the same.

I personally believe don’t make yourself force on people. Because you will never be appreciated by them even you do lot for them. You are special and if anyone don’t know how to respect or appreciate you. Than just move on. Because they are not capable of your love and support. Because if they never understand you than they could never feel your emotions. And value your importance in their life. We can just try to solve things. But if the other person is not ready to do the same. Than just move ahead. Because wasting your time there is your own loss. Only few people tackle and solve the problem. And rest are completely move on in their life. And the reason is they don’t want to solve or just remain in their ego. Every relationship start on understanding and trust if you don’t do that than its completely fine to rid of that relationship. Many try to solve but brutally fail in convincing. So it’s better to leave everything aside and focuss on yourself or other things which are more valuable than anything.