Kakegurui Review

Yumeko Jabami

Kakegurui is considered to be one of my favourite animes which i have watched. I actually fell in love with this anime from the very first episode itself. first of all, the characters in the show have excellent character designs and they have interesting and realistic personalities. the visuals in the show is stunning and put with effort just like any other anime you’d see.

Animation is quite good too,

All the realistic (yet quite exaggerated) expressions on the characters faces feels so real, they show so much raw emotions you’d feel quite terrified yet amused. oh well, and quite uncomfortable too. the only problem about Kakegurui is all of it is literally entirely wasted the only story plot in Kakegurui is repeated gambling.

All over and the same again, you got your unfair gambling bets, the characters break down and go crazy. But you’ll feel thrilled watching it. because I really think this show is made for one reason:

the thrill of it

anything else I like about the series is that Yumeko is a good and strong female lead. the thing is Kakegurui is two things; thrilling, exciting, and has good visuals the characters are also written well but that’s all in the first season. there are also quite a few moments in Kakegurui that makes me skip a few episodes though. the thing about Kakegurui is that it all went repeated and cliché not to mention it’s all weird as heck.

sure, the anime is meant to be “thrilling” but it’s kinda too-

I don’t know, too much?

if you’re the type of person who wants to see a bunch of people gambling and going full pshyco all over again. I’m pretty sure you’d enjoy it, if you’re the type of person who won’t like it then you won’t like it

the show is a pretty much Meh in my opinion, it’s kinda.. okay? but I surely won’t watch it again.

I would tell that it is worth watching but only once.