Death Note Review

Death note is considered to be one of my first anime which I have watched after pokemon. All of my friends love watching anime and I was the only one who was not interested in watching one, so my friends suggested me to watch death note. Half heartedly I started watching Death note. I must say that the anime and I instantly clicked. it was one of the best anime I have watched so far. I’m sure the writer who has written death is very highly intelligent because the anime itself is a masterpiece.

Death Note is an anime which has Light yagami as the villain protagonist. and L as a detective. the anime consists of 37 episodes and I must say once you start watching it you will be desperately waiting to watch another episode. The ‘Death Note’ is so tremendous, it is so suspenseful that it will keep you thinking what will be the next. and you will be surprised with the twist. believe it or not it’s every singlw episodes has a twist. this is the best anime I have watched. the soundtrack and the animations are the best.

Light Yagami

The concept was very very unique. The story starts from a high school boy named Light yagami who is very much bored with his life gets a book named ‘death note’ where a lot of rules are written one of which is considered to be that you can kill anyone just by writing his/her name on the book. thus light starts using the book by writing the names of the criminals. Actually the book really belongs to a shinigami named ryuk. As the process of killing goes on light gets a name called kira from the mass media. to stop this process a detective is hired called ‘L’.

If you are interested in Crime, thriller, phycology and suspense you’ll surely love it. There are many jaw-dropping moments in this whole series. It’ll make you think “What just happened !!!” The story is very interesting that will make you hold up to it’s end. Sometimes, you’ll think the story is so much tangled, it’s confusing (especially in the middle part) but later when you come to finish it you’ll know everything, “Oh ! so this is it !” there are some funny moments too, as there are a few funny characters in it, if you understand it’s psychology it’s way more interesting.


So overall, It’s totally worth watching it, I’ll rate it as 10/10 I really loved it. It’s the best. You’ll feel emotions too if you watching it with all your mind and heart. I really liked the anime, any ways light is the main character I will be always sided towards ‘L’.