Offline system

We can say that the classes are back to offline and children and students are going and trying to settle in the scenarioes. Schools has changed theirs functioning. Students are back with their naughtiness. It is not completely the way we want but still from past 2 year we are bounded at it is better that schools are open and know children can get a good time to spend on studies. I was so much stuck in the house that I could not able to go out. But know we ca easily go out and enjoy a little bit. Things are changing but one thing which not change is mask and sanitizer. We have to use them even we don’t wish to use. We cannot ignore such things as the danger is still there for kids.

I feel we are very lucky that we all have come out and still fighting from the virus. Because we believe that it is very important to be motivated and positive in this situation. Kids are also understanding and following the protocol. We are trying our best to keep distance but as we got a chance to meet our friends and teachers than in the excitement we are forgetting about the COVID. It is still their cases are increasing. We have to make sure that if we are getting the opportunity to go out. Than we should also follow the rules as well. So that we could not come in this situation again. We already have done online work, classes everything was all shifted to home. That was creating more problem than the offline one. We have seen worse. And know we are over with online one we all want to do it offline only.

I really feel good after so many days. I can see that everyone get a chance to interact with each other. And healthy environment is taking place. Not only in school, college but also work space we are involved in the group and the projects. That for a moment i forget that something like this has ever happened as we are all working similarly as we use too. We personally loss someone on our hand. This COVID take away our love ones. But people moving slowly and gradually. And everything is coming back to normal. As we have to deal with time and things. We cannot stop here we have to move on and try to find ways and involved us. We should do activities which can take us away from them. We had learn from this situation at a greater level. As every incident in our life gave us opportunity to learn something out of it. COVID had also realise the importance of family and friends. And what life and death is all about. We all were scared like anything that people got so negative. But thankfully know the situation is light.