Journey of a metro train.

Have you ever experienced the same. If yes than you will surely realise that on a first we love the pleasure of metro train but slowly and gradually the craze decrease. Because now you know the fact that how the metro work. And if you are daily passenger than to you don’t feel anything new because it is your daily routine to travel. And when you see others who experience it for the first time. You realise few time back you also feel the same but now nothing excites you. And they will also realise after few time that it is nothing but a normal experience one can ever thought about and only enjoying it for a few span will give a pleasure of metro train. But when you get use too this journey will become so big wide.

Firstly we enjoyed the station we enter with excelator or lift. Than checking happens and we have to take tocken or card to take the train where we want to go. Than the journey begins and we get excited and wanted the journey to don’t end. Too soon because know we actually enjoying every bit of it. This is because all the movement is new for us and we want to enjoy every bit of it. But when the journey become daily than the excitement decrease and we feel bore and want the journey to end as know we are bore with our daily routine nothing excites know which earlier give us a pleasure. As our excitement last for sometime because we as a person want to explore more we cannot stick to one for a longer period of time. It just lasted few times. Than all the craziness go away because than we realise that there is nothing new in this journey it’s normal.

You can socialize and see people around you who are least important to see around. They are more interested in their phones and looking around that they do not give any notice to the person around them. As they are least interested in them. Because everyone enjoys their company or they already have someone with them who is giving them the pleasure to stick to the journey and enjoying their company and they don’t give a dam to others. Some are staring as they get the chance to awkward the girl sitting in front of them. Some are reading. And the journey is different for different person. Because their time pass should be there it can be anything as the metro journey is much longer when we think.